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CONSIERGE The concierge we were very fortunate to have was Sergio (Checo) Sandoval. He was super. Any question or concern we had were dealt with quickly in a very professional manner. He made us feel important by greeting us each and every time we left or came back to our room. He always got up from his desk and talk to us, shook hands and ensure everything was going well. He also went out his way to ensure we got our all our al a carte reservations for the 6 PM sittings. Thanks Checo. We also dealt with his supervisor, Yoel Flores, about our dissatisfaction with the behaviour of the Spanish students in our building. We were offered to relocate to another building (by Yoel and Gilles Gautier) but we preferred to stay in Akam because of its location (close to restaurants and beach) and the great service we received from Checo.

Arrival: CHECK IN/OUT Check in went off without a hitch but there was no welcome cocktail or cool towel upon arrival. Check out went well. If you are an Air Transat guest ensure they give you the internet code before going to your room. NOTE: When checking in ensure you do not have a group of students in your building or in an adjacent one (from what I was told, in February there is usually a group of students coming in weekly for 4 weeks). During our first week our building (#20 – Akam) had a group of 40+ Spanish students. They were very disrespectful of the other quests in the building. They were very noisy (yelling, shouting, running around) and slamming doors through the night when others were trying to sleep. In the buffet restaurant they just butted in front of people to get their meal. The 2nd group of students we encountered were not an issue in the building area but were a problem on the beach. They congregated behind one couple and were very loud causing the couple to leave the beach area and go to the pool. They then started to encroach on our area and as a result we relocated to another part of the beach. They put their beach chair so close that I could only get out on one side. We came to this resort to relax on the beach, fortunately there was another area we could go to.

Rooms: ROOM 2008 The room we requested is what we received. The room was spacious and kept very clean by Sergio Angula. He provided a different piece of towel art each day. The room is starting to show its age. The mattress and pull out couch should be changed. Last year the fridge was stocked with bottles of water, this year we got a 3.78 gal jug with a carrying handle. They should also supply at least a few small bottles of water. Last year we suggested that they should upgrade their selection of English TV channels – not done. For some unknown reason channel 17 (AXN) programming was English (while commercials were Spanish) from Feb. 7 – 18 and then the channel changed to Spanish completely for the rest of our stay. With the way technology is now this should be an easy fix to do. TV is a flat screen but looks like 1st generation technology – it should be upgraded.

Restaurants and Bars: BUFFET We were fortunate to have Miguel Dzib as our waiter again for most of our breakfast and lunch visits. Again we were greeted cheerful each time and as a result we started our day in a good cheerful mood (especially after a miserable night’s sleep due to the students). When we went for supper at the buffet we received great service from Javi. We always greeted with a big smile and cheerful manner. He was very good at his job. We were very impressed by Angel (Supervisor?). He was cheerful and always had a smile for you. A few suggestions regarding the Buffet area: (1) their toasters should be should be upgrade ASAP. Every day they either broke down or toasted very poorly, (2) the bread selection has been greatly reduced from last year’s selection – could not figure this out and (3) In one section of the buffet they have 4 work areas (fish; meat – chicken, beef; pasta and pizza). On several occasions there were only two chefs which prolonged service – should have at least 3 in this area at lunchtime and supper. AL A CARTES I am still of the belief that there needs to be some conservative dress code for the al a carte restaurants (i.e. long pants, collared shirt). We tried the Thai restaurant for the 1st time. At this restaurant they actually let in a person with his beach wear on (swim suit, swim shirt, flip flops). JAPANESE – very good and best BRAZILIAN, STEAK HOUSE – good 2nd choices ITALIAN – again disappointing not very Italian THAI – 1st time we have tried not to our taste.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: BEACH AREA The beach area was very well maintained. The crew that removed seaweed (on beach and in water) worked really hard at cleaning it up. Each morning the whole beach are was raked. The beach bar service was also excellent. The girls were a pleasure to talk to.

Other Comments: LOBBY AREA Seating areas have been upgraded in both lobby areas. The biggest change was NO SMOKING in the lobby – HURRAY. SUGGESTION Last year we mentioned that their survey machines should include a Not Applicable (N/A) option. Staff still suggests if we encounter a question that we have not experience to just mark it with the happy face. You should be able to deal with a specific area (i.e. concierge; buffet; al a carte) without having to go through the whole process (10 pages?). WOULD WE RETURN Yes, BUT we would ensure we do not have the same issue (students in building). The staffs throughout the resort are super. They always greet you and are all willing to assist you if you need directions or service.

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