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If you want to be harrased by the so called "Premier Travelers Club" a disguise for selling you Time Shares than this is the place for you. You will be hounded everyday to attend a "breakfast on the hotel" "the info session will only take 90 minutes and you get a free gift" They will never leave you alone and if you tell the concierge you are not interested watch how fast your service will go in the drain/ They will tell you that 40 weeks cost $20,000 what they don’t tell you is that you can actually have the weeks for $6000 They will tell you the weeks are all inclusive, they won’t tell you for the all inclusive part it will cost you $900 a week, you only get the room for the weeks purchased. They will tell you about all the stuff that goes with ownership, they won’t tell you that it amounts to nothing. They won’t tell you about the legal fees and taxes that you pay for, they will tell you it is all inclusive and you get a special area dedicated to Black Bands, they won’t tell you this special area is away from the beach with a rope surrounding it, wow, how special. While there I did a little checking on this resort that is actually a 3.5 star and discovered that Premier Club is rumoured to have oversold the number units available and cannot accomadate all the buyers, they will tell you this is not true, they won’t tell you that you will get screwed over once you buy, just ask to put a guarantee in writing of availability and see what happens. Oh, and by the way, the free gift they say is yours is no longer yours if you don’t purchase and you will never see it and, if you really buy into the ’90 minute’ talk you deserve to be taken, it will be all day filled with person after person using high pressure sales tactics to get you to buy.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t pay to be pressured into buying a time share and being harrased at every moment including 7am phone calls form sales staff, I paid to have a "peaceful" vacation and find it misleading of any tour company not to advise you that it will be anything but peaceful.

Room Number:

Arrival: After the plane touched down we waited for more than hour outside in the scourching heat for the bus to leave, no water offered and the hold up was 2 missing people. The Sirenis is a 90 minute drive from the airport. To.tal time to hotel = 2 and a half hours The check in was not that quick, only one clerk handling a bus load of people and it was half an hour waiting before your "promised cool drink" arrived, total time to room from the airport = 4 hours, this is just not acceptable.

Rooms: Large, well maintained but extremely dated with bathroom fixtures that don’t work and a terrible musty smell.

God help you if you walk on the floors with wet feet or coming out of the shower, do the words "fall on your ass" mean anything to you. If you like privacy while using the toilet you won’t have any, there is a huge part glass wall covering the bathroom from the bedroom the rest of the hole is open space, you may get to know your spouse or partner in ways you never imagined.

Restaurants and Bars: Bar service = how many dollar bills can you put down, and how fast do you want your drinks, depends on how many dollar bills you throw at the bartenders and they have no problem telling you this. Buffet = standard food for Mexico, nothing to write home about but plentiful, service in the buffet is terrible and no amount of one dollar bills is going to change this, you want your coffee, get yourself before cobwebs surround you waiting for service.

The French restaurant is very good if you don’t mind paying $35 each for it, this restaurant is not free. The others, I can only say you would like the Brazillian, the Italian and the Steakhouse, the rest, well what can I say, montazumas revenge is coming for you or just plain bad, believe what you will.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: The grounds are incredible and well taken care of, the beach is not as described and is rocky and crowded and most of the coral that used to be there is dead and with it most of the sea life in the little swimming area. Want a beach or pool lounger, there are two choices, get up at six am and put your towel on one like everyone else even though they don’t show up or if you are religious pray to God and you may stand a chance.

The pools are noisy all day with loud music and cheesy entertainment but are very well kept up, hope the uncontrolled kids are not a problem for you but you could bring your own and fit right in with the rest of the screaming parents, your choic, I’m only the messenger.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: The entertainment staff works very hard and there are activities available but usually no one shows up so they are cancelled, there is a dive shop on the beach but the hotel tour people will show you brocheres from shops outside of the hotel, guess the payoffs are better from these shops, the dive shop will take you fishing, cave diving, snorkling and diving and will cost you less than what they want to sell you in the hotel, check it out, decide for yourself, oh, and tell Denise at the dive shop Robert says hi.

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT buy a tour from the hotel, it would be cheaper to grab the "collectivo" (local bus which are really airconditioned late model vans to take you to "Playa, or Tulum or other places, the cost for anywhere is $3o pesos. $3 US) EXAMPLE: The hotel will charge you over $100 each person to take you to the ruins at Tulum, the cost to take the bus and getting in and staying as long as you like is $35 each, you get more time and no bus stops at shopping centers to sell you cheesy items. Check with the tour vans outside in the parking lot, they will take you anywhere to any attraction for about 1/3 less than the hotel and you will have a better time.

Other Comments: I am only the messanger, if you chose to believe than thank God you did, if you don’t than please be sure to write your own review when you get home and you can be the messenger, hopefully someone listens to you.

This is not a 5 star resort, it is at best a 3.5 star. Check out Trip for more review on this and any other places you choose to go.

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