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:)Went for a week in January 03. Had to look hard for reviews so I thought this might be helpfull. Stayed three days at a bed and breakfast in Copan and four in Roatan (Fantasy Island). Copan was very good but a long journey on a paved but windy mountain road. Quaint tourist town. Restaurants ok and inexpensive. Very hospitable residents.

Roatan is a diver and snorkler’s delight. Truly awsome. Only negative were the sandflies on the beach. Used more fly repellent than suntain lotion.

Hey njjim,When you stayed at Fantasy Island was it very Busy? I know it is not a large resort, but was wondering if last minute booking would even be possible for such a small resort. Just one place we are looking at. Like the idea of being small. Did you see other resorts(AI) around?Thanks alot


It was pretty full. There were a large groups of Italians. It is worth the call. I would not recommend the resort unless you are a diver or snorkler as that is the attraction

You can drive around the entire island in a few hours and there are no mega cities….just smaller towns. West End doesn’t even have a paved road, just hard packed dirt which serves as Main Street. No worries about safety; very friendly people and they all speak English from their British ancestors in the 1800s that settled there. Tourism is their livlihood.

Only negative were the sand flies on the beach. Used more fly repellent than suntan lotion. The resort I am staying at has very little sand therefore they do not have a problem with sand flies/sand fleas. ;D ;D

I can’t imagine going on holidays and being eaten alive by them.

Freedom Ryder 8-)……………..

be afraid, be verrrrry afraid. And be prepaired,If the sandfleas don’t get ya, the mosquitoes will.
If you can find it we have found the life brand mosquito repellant at shoppers drug mart to work the best, and then bactine spray to work for the itch. Trust me after Roatan, canadian mosquitoes don’t even phase me.

If the sandfleas don’t get ya, the mosquitoes will.
Trust me after Roatan, canadian mosquitoes don’t even phase me. Hey Sandybeech

I did 19 Dives while I was in Roatan, Honduras and I still managed to get bitten by Sandfleas, Mosquito’s, and Ants (I think they were ants). Someone said they may have been Termites?! OMG……. just what I needed….. Termites thinking I was a piece of wood!

Whatever they were they loved munching’ on my legs. I have a couple of small scars from the bites I received while I was there.

Of course, I did not use any bug repellent (I hate the chemicals in them). So I suffered with the bites.

I received some mosquito bites hanging by the water at night at the "Reef House", but I received the majority of my bites when I went into Coxen Hole.Some of the people I was with were not bothered by the bugs… guess not, the bugs were too busy chewing on me! ;D ;D ;DOh well……….. I am ready to go back any time to do some more diving and see more of Honduras.

The diving was totally amazing!

Freedom Ryder 8-)…………..

Hey Freedom Ryder,I am right there with you, the bugs love me too. I now cut my nails before I go.But yeah, keep going back because I believe you build up some sort of immunity. This was my 5th year in Roatan, and the bug bites don’t bother me anymore. Also a mosquito net is a good idea, I got alot of bites while sleeping.Small price to pay in paradise…….

Sandy Beech

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