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Hotetur Dominican Bay Resort Henry

April 2006

Hi there,

I just came back from the Dominican Republic and let me tell you i had a blast!!!

My friend and I stayed at the Hotetur Dominican Bay, rated at 3 stars, though i would give it an extra star! We booked with nolitours, and they explained everything to the letter. From the tourist visas to the transfer to the hotel to the activities. Just as described! we were there 7 days, though it did rain one full day but it was refreshing, and it didn’t stop anyone from jumping into the pool. i have to say the rooms were rather surprising! from the reviews i read i was expecting worse! they were surprisingly adequate. the food 3 meals a day plus snacks, were tasty and satisfying, its obviously not Le Ritz but it certainly beats airplane food!

the staff were friendly, funny, and very knowledgeable some spoke up to 5 different languages!! the beach it self was great!! except for those pesky vendors! but they got to make a living too right!! id have to say the club (the meeting point) was actually a lot of fun!! we make lots of friends and had a super time!!! from the reviews i was expecting a lot worse, but in my opinion they have made a whole lot of improvements through out and i think its earned an extra star in my books! id give it a 4 out of 5!! i would go there again! and the walk to the beach its not that bad!! its a nice stroll!!and the view from the bridge is great!!

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Hotetur Dominican Bay Resort Boca Chica Kevin ~ Canada

April 2006

Four of us ( two mid forties couples) just returned from a one week stay (April 10th to April 17th/06) at Hotetur Dominican Bay Resort and here is my review:

Reception upon arrival: Under staffed and disorganized. No one at the reception area was fluent in English. Rooms: We were assigned to building #15. The phone did not work, the toilets leaked, and the balcony door did not lock. All of these problems were straightened out within 24 hours and only after repeated trips to the front desk. Also, the 1500 block of rooms has a resident rooster which sounds his alarm every 10 minutes from 3:am to 7:am. We switched our rooms on day three.

Food: This is a 3 star resort with 3 star food.

Beach: Hey, I don’t mind a walk, but if you want to sit outside of the hotels enclosed area, be prepared to spend up to $5.00 to rent a chair.

Additional costs: On the second night we were there, I was sitting in a resin chair by the pool, when one of the legs on the chair broke. A security guard escorted me to the front desk and I was asked for my room # so that they could bill my room for the chair. The four of us were astounded!!! Finally the manager told me that I would not be held liable for the chair. I then went to my Nolitour Vacation Rep, (Victor) for assurance that I would not be charged, and when he looked up my room #, he told us that based on what we paid for our trip, that we had ro right to complain. At that point I should have also mentioned that we had been hounded by one of the resident prostitutes that stay there, but I think I already know what his answer would have been to that.
Anyway, we booked this trip last minute. We paid $297.00 pp plus tax, and got our monies worth of food, booze and sun. Would we go back??…I can’t see this resort in our future vacation plans.

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Hotetur Dominican Bay Resort Boca Chica Lynn ~ Hamilton, Ontario

February 2006

Just came back from the Dominican Bay Resort and were not impressed at all.

Its rated a 3 star but I don’t know if I would even give it that. It was nothing like the pictures on the internet. Have done a lot of travelling, 90% of it last minute and this was a disappointed place.

Landed at Punta Cana Airport … WOW, a long bus ride, 3-1/2 hours there, 4-1/2 hours back AND NO BATHROOM ON BUS. Was told by travel agent only a 1-/2 hour ride (even that would be too much for this resort, 5 minutes would be too much).

Bland but okay, no one got sick anyway. It always seemed like you were moving from bar to bar as one would close the next one would open, didn’t find this real convenient for a vacation.

Very beautiful but quite the hike (were told my our travel agent resort was on the beach), its actually across a bridge across 2 streets, at least 5 minutes. Bothered constantly by vendors and locals selling souvenirs or themselves. The water was beautiful and the sand nice & white but some garbage around and hard to enjoy when you are always being bothered. If you do go here, you have to take the walk about 5-10 minutes down the beach to Cesar’s Pizza, BEST 4 CHEESE PIZZA I’ve ever had. For $10 you get a huge 8 slice with box and its amazing.

Very poor condition, no fridge, no blow dryer, very little lighting. Some of the shutters do not close all the way which lets in a lot of noise. One of the beds was slanted, the pillows were not comfortable, some were hard, some soft, some falling apart and lumpy. Even the shower curtain was smelly. Toilets had to be flushed about 3 times before they would work properly. But at least we had hot water well if you waited till after 10am and even later on the last day.

This it was not, had to pay for all water sports, pool table, foosball table even to play bingo with the entertainment staff (another joke) at night you had to pay.

Our rep told us they have a locked room for luggage and a courtesy room to shower in before you leave (check out was 1pm but bus left at 4:30pm). No locked room (just the so called lobby) and the courtesy room, for 2 people you had 1/2 hour to get showered and ready ? ?

Bar and restaurant staff very friendly, entertainment staff kind of pushy and not very entertaining, staff at desk did not know a lot of English, vendors were better versed. I would think especially the front desk staff should know English, maybe not so much the others. Cleaning staff did a great job with what they had to work with, always clean towels and clean sheets but still the same lumpy pillows.

All in all we made the best of this vacation but 2 of the 4 would probably not go back to the Dominican because of this resort and I know to keep with at least a 4 star when I travel.

I would NOT recommend this place to anyone.

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Hotetur Dominican Bay Resort Boca Chica Sunshine4jo ~ Canada

February 2006

"Would rate this Resort (econo)"

Just came back from Dominican Bay Resort Jan 23rd-31st 2006. Had a great time, didn’t know what to expect so we were pleasantly surprised. Anyone looking to get away for a sunny vacation on a budget, this is the place to go.

The grounds were very well maintained, very clean, the staff were friendly. Some spoke 7 languages and some only spoke Spanish. For the most part we didn’t have any problems communicating. The reception is small for the number of rooms so the wait is long for whatever you need.

The rooms looked exactly like the picture. There’s cable TV but no remotes for the television, there are no fridges, no blow dryers. The rooms are basic but I found them to be clean and adequate. We tipped $2.US everyday on the pillow and we had plenty of clean towels, fresh flowers detailing the bathroom and towels made into the shape of Swans on the bed. You can rent the safe for $20 US and $10 you get back at the end when you check out. We bought ourselves 2 beach towels for the same price as the deposit on the towels. It seemed complicated to get Beach Towels there so we just bought our own. We didn’t have any bugs in our room.

The food at the Buffet was adequate, basic stuff and variations of the same food everyday but we never got sick. I liked it because it was completely closed in, there were hardly any flies, it was clean and the table clothes and napkins were linen. 2 of the bars served food too. The poolside Bars & Grill served Hamburgers and Hotdogs all afternoon and the one at the beach just at lunch time. I liked the fact that at the bars you could serve yourself for water & soft drinks. There were always a stack of plastic cups to help yourself. That way you’re never waiting in line unless you want an alcohol drink.

The Beach is not private, it’s about a 300 meter walk to the beach crossing 2 roads. There’s a wooden enclosure you walk through to get to it. There was plenty of security everywhere. At the Beach, the Resort has an area enclosed where the vendors are not allowed to come in but they wait outside of there for you to go out. For the most part they hassled us for a day or 2 and then they left us alone (they just need to make a living)

Boca Chica Beach has the clearest, cleanest water I have ever seen, the water was warm and there were no waves because the Coral Reef blocks the tide from coming in and out. It’s White sands, beautiful snorkeling, you didn’t even need snorkel gear, just look down and see the tropical fish to the naked eye.

The town of Boca Chica is a 5 minute walk, I found it completely safe by day but wouldn’t go without a group or local people at night. You can buy all your souvenirs there, tones of gift shops and vendors, get ready to barter though!!!

I have taken lots of pictures but I won’t post them on here, anyone who wants more information or has questions about this resort, feel free to email me and I’ll email you back. Please put "Dominican Bay" in the subject line.

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Hotetur Dominican Bay Resort Boca Chica Kelley — Owen Sound, Ontario Canada

January 2004

We just returned from a week at the Dominican Bay Resort in Boca Chica. I have not much good to say and this is not long enough to list the negatives. Listed at 3.5*, really a 2.5*.

Very bland and no variety in buffet. 2 BBQ’s but only had hotdogs and hamburgers. Italian restaurant okay, Chinese restaurant horrible. We left the Chinese restaurant before we finished our meal.

One bar closes, another opens so you are forever moving from bar to bar. No variety in the drinks, I couldn’t even get a strawberry daiquiri. Combined, you can find a bar from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.

Very good. The staff were friendly and tried to be helpful. Maid came at no specific time of day. One day morn, one day late afternoon. Activities at 10 and at 3, not very organized.

Not very clean. Very old furniture. The ceiling above the shower just about fell on my husband’s head as he was showering, the shower above us was leaking. The maintenance man came within a couple of hours to supposedly fix the problem. By the morning the ceiling was dripping into our tub again. We heard some additional horror stories about some of the other rooms at this resort from other people; cockroaches, no air conditioning, no hot water, etc.

There are two blocks – 18 & 19 – that are new and those people had no complaints.

Five minute walk to beach. Lovely white sand. Lots of loungers. Blue turquoise waters. You could swim out to the coral reef and do some good snorkelling.

Town of Boca Chica
Dirty. Night life everywhere but you need to be cautious in town.

Currently the Dominican Peso is not worth much. We received 50 pesos to 1 – US dollar, and 30 pesos to 1 – Canadian dollar. However, the price of the gifts in the stores were raised and the shop owners were not willing to barter a lot.

All in all, the weather and the beach were lovely. Would I return to this resort? No, there are other resorts in the area that much nicer.

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Hotetur Dominican Bay – Boca Chica Wayne

November 2003

My wife and 8 friends booked last minute to stay at the Dominican Bay Hotel in Boca Chica,and were pleasantly surprised. This group books last minute every year and we have 3 priorities, all inclusive , on the beach, reasonable accommodations. We consider the fun and the rest up to us, the Dominican is the Dominican remember. It started out initially very poor as our rooms weren’t confirmed and unavailable until 2:30 AM. (we arrived at 11:30PM ) Once the Sun arose the next morning so did our spirits. The rooms were clean and air conditioning worked well, water was hot with good pressure, we of course do not drink it, a handy jug of processed water is recommended. All buffet meals were very good, better than ones previously had in the Dominican. The restaurant meals were not better only a change of venue. There’s 2 pools with bars, the beach is a fair hike but very nice and it’s bar remained open as long as you were there even th! ough their web site says open till midnight only. We kept them open most nights to 4:00 AM. We had a blast. The entertainment is mediocre at best but this is a 3 star resort and more than adequate. There’s plenty of shopping close buy, no Casino, but they do bus you to the nearby Hilton if your so inclined. Staff was good and again because we were a group of ten who looks after ourselves no problems occurred and everything was fine. One thing to consider is the distance from the airport, the bus ride is approx. 1 1/2 hrs. Convince the driver to stop for drinks and all is OK. We would recommend this resort for those that are happy with a little less accommodation and but a good price / value. Also the trip to Suona Island is recommended, our second.

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