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The total charge that went through my cc was roughly $91Cdn and change. I am patiently awaiting for it to arrive. The last place on record was a sorting station in California on March 15th.

I sent you a message Sillyjilly,I picked mine up from my mailbox yesterday. I should have clued in USPS stands for United States Postal Service duh! I was expecting that it would come by courier. Hubby had it out of the box before I had my jacket off, lol. He was telling a co-worker today about. Coincidentally the co-worker was looking at the Milockie video last evening.

I didn’t notice any coupon, I’ll have another look in the box the instructions are still folded. : )

Thats great guys! At least those of us who purchased won’t have any worries re our safes. Have great trips everyone.

Happy Travels!

I checked my paperwork and there was a paper with service and return information. On that there was a 10% off your next order coupon.

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