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I have been to Panama a couple of times. Always left the maid money on a daily basis and then at the end of the trip – all the toiletries we have left.I am sure in the future we will be returning to Panama and was wondering what we could bring with us, to give to the workers as a token of our appreciation (besides money). Something that is perhaps not so available in Panama.I don’t think of Panama as being a poor country with restrictions. At least in comparison to Cuba or DR. Bebbie
When I first went to Decameron, I tipped just like any other hotel that I visited. I left some money for the maid at the end of my trip as a thank you for her hard work. Now things are a little different for me- A day or two into my trip I usually leave a little gift for the maid (a bag of candy or a bottle of lotion- something like that) with a few dollars and then again at the end of my trip. As far as the bartenders and waiters, my husband usually does the tipping and it is for good service (just like at home). On my trip when I went alone last year, I did tip a bartender at the end of my trip because he took such good care of me (he had taken care of my husband and I on earlier trips too.) Also sometimes my husband will give a little gift to a particular bartender if he was there a lot when we were there and took good care of us (usually a Kentucky keychain or tshirt). I do take gifts to some of the workers that I have gotten to be friends with over my trips (usually Kentucky items like shirts, hats, and key chains or some more specific items for guys that we know well and know more what they like). I personally don’t leave left over toiletries for the maids like I have heard of some doing in Cuba. Just my preference. I have seen a lot of workers with Canada shirts and key chains. As far as what the workers need, I have never really had the guys tell me that they need or want anything specific that is not available in Panama. V.

We just left cash because it seemed like everything is available in Panama as long as you have the money to purchase it.

Cash works best and it doesn’t take up any of your already restricted luggage weight allowance.

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