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Well…I tried (really I did ;D)
Our trip isn’t until Dec. yet I can’t help thinking about the next one Maybe we’ll go somewhere different than our usual Xmas place – DR. I’m starting to research Jamaica ???…see what I mean…it’s crazy…hmmm maybe Mexico (we’ve only been there once)

Anyone else out there do this too…c’mon I can’t be alone

You’re not alone. We haven’t had our November ’07 (it’s booked and paid for) trip yet and are already planning for Cayo Largo for next April and the Mayan Riviera or Punta Cana for November ’08 – with a side-trip to Palm Springs in September ’08.

Crazy, huh?

Husband and I leave in 5 weeks for our trip…next X-Mas is the kids turn, and I am planning for April for myself and girlfriend….
Can’t stop thinking about the next one before I have even left on this one, and I like you tanlines play with the where should we go, Mexico, Cuba…..start reading now and drive myself crazy with the wishing my life away thoughts.
Hey beachlover… No secret really. We only go once (maybe twice if we’re lucky) per year. We work hard and budget our expenses so we can afford our vacation…about $100 per week is tucked away.

We don’t take a summer vacation here at home…we’d rather spend 2 glorious weeks in the Caribbean

Here we tuck away as well, and the coin jar on the counter helps for spending money and excursions. Look for really great deals ( been really lucky so far ) and try and save here and there. However that said like tanlines we don’t summer vacation, we would also rather spend the time enjoying the caribbean and such.

We only have one 17 year old car, have a 250 motorcycle for commuting, walk, cycle or take public transit.We also don’t take summer vacations – hubby doesn’t even get long weekends so we don’t go away during them.Use coupons when we go out (most of the time) and we use our Mastercard all the time (but we pay it off every month) so that we can rack up as many Airmiles as possible. We really try to do the Double Your Airmiles thing and that’s how we can get to Toronto where all the really great deals to the Caribbean are!We also brown-bag it and carry our own coffee in travel mugs.

Oh yeah, and not having a mortgage or kids at home really helps!

Those all sound like great "cost saving measures", but in my house we find that having a "Curse-Can" on the counter really helps, so every time we curse because the vacation is so far off, we have to put a dollar in the can. I figure by the time our vacation comes around we’ll be flying first class and staying at a "6 Star" resort ;D

Jake, eh

I know that I would be cursing big time to get that bucket filled up Might even have to encourage the visitors to curse a little We have a house but no mortgage, no car or motorcycle payment, carry no balance on credit cards and do not try to keep up with the Jones’s but live quite comfortably. We just watch what we spend.Our daughter is now married and we have a grandson & granddaughter to spoil now.

SUJ, I see that you are going to CL next April, maybe we will meet you there. We have not booked yet, but we will be there sometime in April ’08.

SUJ, I see that you are going to CL next April, maybe we will meet you there. We have not booked yet, but we will be there sometime in April ’08.

We’d love to meet up with you and Mrs. Jayare. We haven’t been to CL in so long and we can feel CL calling us to return.

We’ll be going the last week of April ’08 (vacation time is already booked and is "in stone", so to speak ).

my husband have no choice but to take 2 weeks in summer and 2 weeks for holidays he works in construction here in Montreal so you get you’re $$ have to budget for 2 weeks that he dont work, so cannot put that for vacation

now my mom stay with us it’s fine but have to put $$ aside for a house next year, WE PROMISE that we wont do any vacation this year but I will try to find something cheap that we can go

We had plans to go to CL this year, but we found a great deal for Ensenachos at the RH. Could not pass it up.
CL for sure in April 2008. We have met and made many friends in CL over the years.

Will look forward to meeting you and Mr. SUJ as well.

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