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We are from Regina Sask.
Dates of trip – Jan 8 to 22/2010.

Your Arrival: Airport is very small. If there would be more than 1 plane arriving at a time, the airport would be very crowded. We got through the airport very quickly, just remember to complete the forms as completely as possible and sign the back of the form twice (read carefully!!) Check in at the hotel was quick, but you don’t get your room until after 3 – hint – pack a pair of shorts!)

The hotel staff are wonderful. Just ask and you shall receive if they possibly can.

Rooms: White! Standard rooms, if you are able, try and book the Brisas Beach Club. It has a balcony overlooking the ocean, there are also 10 rooms with jacuzzis. There is a Beach Club room for a continental breakfast (7:30 – about 11) and Happy hour from 6-7 with drinks and appetizers.

The Beach club section is also farthest away from the lobby etc. There are cars that will pick up and drop off. We walked down, but not up.

Restaurants and Bars: Pretty average. Not a lot of seafood other than fish. Food selection is rather repetitive. Omelettes are great! There are 4 bars, but they do not open until 11. If you want coffee, juice… you can get it at the poolside restaurant.

The al a cartes are ok, but not the quality you expect at home.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: We only spent time at the snorkel beach. There is a nice coral reef there, and a nice variety of fish. Even away from the coral, fish swim around you, and the water is clear enough to watch. Fins and masks are available, but I don’t know the quality of the equipment, as we bring our own. Pools are nice. There is an adult only pool – we spent our pool time there. Lots of sun. Bring plenty of suntan lotion and aloe! The grounds are pretty, but there is little "wandering" space, as the resort is quite hilly. Lots of lovely birds, squirrels to make you laugh, hermit crabs, iguanas, gecko… some say scorpions (didn’t see any) My husband was lucky enough to see whales and a manta ray. Some folks saw sting rays at the beach by the Solarium (Steak House).

For the most part, things are very crowded. The beach recliners are lined up side by side at all pools ans beaches, There main restaurants are similar – sometimes you have to move so people can get by. A little too squished in for me.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: We took a trip into La Crucecita – lots of shopping, and daily specials! I decide what I want to pay for something, and I stick to it. Cab is 3$ US each way. Try and see the church, it is quite nice. Cruise ships come in on Sundays, and the prices in the stores go up significantly. Best to avoid this day!

We booked a cab (Romeo (Edgar Romero Diaz Jarquin) was our driver, he took us around for about 2 hours and charged $40 US. He speaks very good english and is very polite and friendly. We asked for him and the desk, and they tracked him down for us!

Other Comments: This resort is not for people who have trouble getting around – there are stairs everywhere – sometimes you walk up the stairs then turn around ang go down more stairs! There are non-inclusive liquor available, but the bars and the gift shop DO NOT ACCEPT CASH – you have to use your credit or debit card, or set up an account at the front desk. Thre is free wi-fi available in the lobby upstairs, but it is s-l-o-w, don’t bother e-mailing photos! It is also available in the room, 10$ for 1 hour!

Due to plane problems, we got to spend a night at Dreams. It is quite lovely, everything is close by, but it is more hotel like, and quite noisy at night. Thanks to Signature for putting us up there – beats sleeping on a bench!

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