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Our family has traveled all over ranging from Alaska down to South Africa and I have to say by far our stay in the Dominican Republic at the Lifestyle Resorts was the most luxurious.

Your Arrival:
We were greeted promptly at the airport and immediately transported to the resort by a friendly driver who was more than happy to give us a guided tour! Upon arrival at the resort we were welcomed by a pleasant young woman who answered all our questions and got us settled.

Our initial room was extremely nice and overlooked one of the private VIP pools… loved being so close that we could easily walk back and forth to our room. Plus, the pool was out of the way so we had plenty of private moments! We quickly learned that the drinks are all top-shelf alcohol AND you can get free cigars at the pool-side bar.. again only in the VIP sections. We did go on the tour of the resort and were so impressed that we opted to become members.. at that point we were upgraded to a 4 bedroom private villa that was completely out of this world!!

Restaurants and Bars:
Everything was superb.. of course the gourmet restaurant that is available only to members was extraordinary. Even loved the "lighted" menus and the white-glove service really made us feel special. I have to say that we did so much during the day that we didn’t really explore any of the "night life". Even my 18 year old daughter and her boyfriend were drained by the day’s end. We did go to the casino and had a great time and the Sunday member’s only party on the beach was unbelievable. Just wished we would have gone sooner to be able to see U2 in concert!!!!

Everything was exceptional. Of course, this is only from the viewpoint of the VIP areas.. our favorite were the swinging beds by the beach!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We went on a Jungle Excursion that included hiking up waterfalls.. definately not for the faint hearted. It was thrilling and really gave us the chance to see not only the beautiful country but the native people as well. My daughter and her boyfriend went horseback riding and ended up getting a private tour. The scenary and the pictures they took were breathtaking.

Other Comments:
Since we became members we obviously will be going back. It was so surreal that we are planning to renew our wedding vows there in 2011. We can’t wait!! The only negative comments we had were two things 1) no Coke products on the resort only Pepsi and 2) the wine selections are severely lacking. Guess, we will just have to "make do" on our next visit. HA! If anyone is interested in going and would like additional information send me an email at or



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