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SInce our retirement we travel a few times a year; we love Dominican Republic and have visited different areas and different resorts; this 2 weeks were the worse. We had troubles from day 1. We will not recommend this resort to anyone and for sure we will not go back!

It should not be rated 5 stars.

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Arrival: We had to wait a too long to check in and immediately we noticed the difference in the staff attitude, compared to previous visits to Punta Cana, Samana, Puerto Plata and La Romana.

There was no music or a holiday atmosphere, nobody offered us a drink; we were told that because it was almost 3 pm, we had to walk all the way to the beach buffet (long walk) to get something to eat, every other place was closed.

Rooms: Once we got to the room : many things did not work, like the lights, the safe, the shower, the sliding door to the balcony did not lock. We wasted the whole afternoon calling and calling for service. The mattress was very uncomfortable, but we did not find that out until that evening. Spoke with manager Anger Olgado and Teresa (rooms manager) they apologized but did not show concern or suggested to changes us to another room. The rest of the time, as other problems arise, they ignored our calls and we got tired of complaining.

Very Bad customer service.

Restaurants and Bars: The service in general was not what you expected; the staff was not happy; like never before we felt pressured to show $ to get better service and not even then. The exception was Jose, he works in the restaurants and he went out of his way to make us feel happy and to enjoy our stay. It was not his job, but he did teach a lesson to management. The food was average, the a la carte restaurants were OK, but if you wanted a good table like overlooking the pool you have to pay extra.

The drinks were all sugar water and the alcohol drinks were not good; if you were lucky enough to get the right drinks, which they took more than 20 minutes to bring. And on the beach the waiter ignored you totally if you did not tipped him every time and every day. We even tried to talk spanish, but he was rude and unfriendly.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Beaches in Punta Cana are very nice; lots of palapas, but they did not clean the beach, it was full of see weed. They did not take good care of the beach area, for example: in the morning you will find food plates from the day before; glasses and garbage left behind. They closed the pools at 6pm. Bad idea, specially after a rainy morning. They put chemicals even when tourist were in the water. The towel place closed whenever they feel like it; so we had to carry wet towel to our room. The grounds were nice, fortunately the construction started when we were leaving.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: The entertainment was very poor; in 2 weeks they had only 3 shows and they were not good or up to standard to a 5 star resort. I would not compare this resort to any other 5 stars we have visited. The rest of the nights they had games or karaoke in the outdoor patio, that could not accommodate many people.

Water sport equipment was supposed to be included; but, we had to pay to use the catamaran, and on top of that, nobody helped us to push it to the ocean or bring it back; and forgot to mention..the catamaran did not work and my husband still has a sore hand for holding the sail in place.

Other Comments: We will not recommend this resort to anyone and for sure we will not go back! We met people that were there before and were very disappointed this time.

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