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The hotel is really not that bad as I thought because people didn’t have so many good things to say about the hotel; but I had to go try it and see what the fuss was all about. The main problem I had with the place was just that it was not completely clean, it’s not like it was bluntly dirty but they can do better in terms of keeping the rooms and hotel floors clean generally. The overall condition of the pool area was good, not that great though but just okay. The staff knew a certain amount of French and English so communicating with them wasn’t that bad. They have good sport facilities and activities to do such as sauna and tennis. They tried in the aspect of entertainment, it wasn’t fancy but it could keep you not bored while they performed. On arrival, the reception staff was nice, check in was smooth and they were quite friendly with me and other guests that arrived same time as me. They had varieties of food and drinks so when it comes to gastronomy, everything was on point. The overall cleanliness of the restaurant and dining area was good at least; I didn’t get food poisoning here. The place is not located in close proximity with shopping areas and that was a bit frustrating for me. The size of the rooms were okay so were the bathrooms but they need to clean the rooms more often. Overall, a mixed experience.

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