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After reviewing some of my choices for the Caribbean side of Cuba (for Dec.Jan.)I’m taking another look at the Marea/Farallon. I have been there many times butnot in the last nine years (these years I’ve stayed at Luna Mares). My problem is when I was there in the past the food was good and plentiful. Few choices but lots of it. Now I read that

they run out at times (breakfast and dinner). Is this so or just some people being picky?

If several reviews mention the same issue, I would be inclined to believe it. I never had a problem when I was there, but my information is over a year old, so who knows? Also, I tend to arrive at the buffet when it opens, as I am not fond of food that has been picked over, so I seldom see the issues around restocking the buffet.

I go there regularly – they do not "run out of food" as such, but there are times when the choices get more limited. For example – at the snack bar there will be lots of french fries the first few days, but then they will run out until their next delivery, which may be a couple of days away. They will still have sandwiches, but no fries to go with them.At meal times, if you go as the dining room hours are ending, then they might have stopped putting out more food, so the choice may be more limited. I think it is more of a restocking issue than it is of a "lack of food".On the other hand, if you arrive later and ask for something, they will generally get it for you from the back unless they really have run out!
I think we hit the most unfortunate week at the Farallon back in February. We would go about 1/2 hr after the dining room opened and they were not replenishing food….at all. The grill was being cleaned and little was left – even asked if we could get some chicken or fish and the answer was always no. No butter and maybe half dozen rolls/buns left. What remained was cold and not so appetizing. This was everyday. The snack bar however, was great and we always enjoyed what was offered there. They did run out of pizza mid week but there were several other options. There was no white wine for the entire week & they ran out of red mid week. The staff in the dining room however made our dining experience quite pleasant and their humour and the banter back & forth made up for lack of food!!!We thought that there should be a better system for allowing people from the Marea (there were many) coming for their meals. For the people that paid extra to stay at the Farallon, there was little food choices because of the sharing of the resort.

Disappointing to say the least.

That’s what I have been hearing from friends who just returned.Too bad. I so enjoyed the area and the hotel (Farallon) I must re-think

this and decide later. Thanks

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