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4.7 based on 6 reviews
Last reviewed Nov 10, 2014 Valencia

4.6 based on 8 reviews
Last reviewed Oct 10, 2011 El Mesón de la Flota

3.0 based on 5 reviews
Last reviewed Jun 7, 2014 Tropicoco

2.9 based on 12 reviews
Last reviewed Dec 8, 2014 Caribbean

2.9 based on 7 reviews
Last reviewed Oct 31, 2014 Lido

2.7 based on 11 reviews
Last reviewed Jan 12, 2012 Mariposa  

Autopista Novia del Mediodía, KM 6 1/2- La Lisa

"lovely hotel"
Posted by: mercy on Jun 17, 2014
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This hotel is located on the edge of Havana so you should expect total tranquility and a peaceful environment. I love Havana, I have been to this city twice but it was my first time at this hotel so I didn’t know what to expect. The hotel is close to the Jose Marti international airport for those flying in through that airport. The hotel has beautiful landscapes with tall trees providing shade for the hotel, it was amazing. My stay here was outstanding, I met some really nice people and they treated me well. The front desk lady Maria was great because she is very judicious, she took care of my requests almost immediately and gave you the necessary information you will require in case you need to move around town during your stay here. I spent few days here, about 4 nights and it was wonderful. The rooms were clean; at least I can vouch for mine because the housekeeping crew one of which was Marlena was great. My room had a balcony which overlooking the pool and the bar so it was refreshing to wake up to that every morning. The onsite restaurant has the most pleasant waitress I have ever met in my travels to Havana and I loved it. You can spend your vacation here without spending so much money and still get the best service that you will usually pay more for in other hotels. I will be back here again if I ever come to Havana again.

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