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I read all the reviews on tripadvisor before going here to get married, so I went with an open mind. The resort was ok. We had no problems with the resort itself. The wedding service was absolutely awful. I paid for services that I flat out did not receive, such as a cocktail reception after the ceremony, that did not take place, and a coffee and rum set up after dinner, that upon arrival, I was told they did not offer this service. It is actually against the law in Canada (where I paid for the service) to take someone’s money and not provide the service as described. To top it off, I ended my wedding night in tears after one of the servers thought it would be funny to chase me around spraying me with sparkling wine. I am so TOTALLY HORRIFIED by this experience, let alone on MY WEDDING NIGHT in an expensive dress that I spent countless hours designing myself and consequently slipped and slid across the floor in, in front of all of my guests, while trying to escape this ATTACK. I mean, who in their right mind would do this to the bride? The person who spent hundreds of hours planning and coordinating and thousands of dollars to celebrate a monumental event. It was seriously screwed up! And no staff (Canadian or Cuban) even seemed to care!!!! Claudia, the wedding coordinator tried to deter me from complaining when I got back to Canada, guilt tripping me that Evelyn, the server who ruined my wedding night by violating me, might get fired. She probably should have thought about that before relentlessly chasing down a bride mortifying her and having her leave, drenched, hair and makeup ruined, dress dirty from the floor on her FRIGGING wedding night. I am not exaggerating. She literally chased me around the entire room. My friends said they have never seen me move so fast. I am an athletic down to earth girl. I grew up on the west cost jogging and mountain biking in the rain. BUT I wanted my wedding night to be special (as I am sure most brides do?) and now all I have is bad memories and a fight ahead of me to get my money back. When contacting the wedding people in Canada, I did not even get a crummy apology for this. Now, despite consumer protection laws being broken, I am fighting to get my money back for services I did not receive, because even though I paid in Canada, the Canadian people can’t confirm if the services were rendered. My mother has escalated the situation to involve sunwing. We will see what transpires.


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check in was a nightmare. bride (obvious bride – carrying wedding dress) was promised priority check in. this was never received. lined up like cattle behind everyone else.

rooms ok. toilet broke. not a big deal.

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amazing beach. nice pools. nice grounds.

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