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This was a our first visit to Cayo Coco. The area had been suggested to us by a person who always traveled there and as you will, our opinion is positive. Let me say this, people talk about the biting insects and yes, they do exist and they can be a nuisance. I would suggest some DEET and calamine lotion to deal with them. It is a tropical country, so bugs should be expected. Now for the water, there were jelly fish and I did talk to a few people who were stung, but none of them complained much. The ocean is their home and we have to simply respect them and just keep an eye out. They won’t attack only react. Just keep away from the bigger ones and all will be fine. I did a lot of swimming and had no problems. Now with that out of the way, I can say, we enjoyed our stay at the resort. We went to relax and we did succeed in that endeavour. I brought and finished the Steve Jobs biography. It is a nice place to relax. What concerns I have are further expressed in this review, so please read.

Overall, we had a great week at the Resort.

Room Number:

Room Block:
Modular 17

Arrival: Traveled by Sunwing. Typical charter flight, lot of people, not much room. Was served breakfast which was more of a snack- wife had french toast, I had omelette. It was airplane food. Arrived into the warmth and sun of Cuba.

No problem going through Customs or getting luggage. Went quickly to the waiting bus and got the way.

Rooms: The room was very nice. There was, as promised, a King Sized bed, which was in very good shape. The furniture of the room was very nice. The overall appearance of the room was clean. Everything worked, although the remote for the TV needed batteries. The only problem was the for the first four day, water pressure was very low for showers. However once the shower was fixed, and I say that because water pressure was not a problem for either the faucet or the toilet, had good showers.

The patio with furniture was quite nice and we spent many evening outside just enjoy the pleasant evenings.

Restaurants and Bars: The buffet was great. There was a good variety of food that was very tasty, for all meals. Personal favourites, breakfast with either pancakes or omelettes. The cooks for both were tremendous. Also there was fresh fruit smoothies available for breakfast, which was a very nice touch. Fresh fruit was available every meal as well as fresh vegetables. There was always something new every meal, we didn’t just have the same food for seven days straight. The pasta bar was great and they served delicious pasta meals. Seriously, someone has to explain this ‘Cuban food is bland’ thing to me, I have yet to have bland food, unless you count cabbage as bland. When it comes available, try the grilled pumpkin with garlic, delicious. The staff at the restaurant was polite, friendly and helpful. They made sure your glass was full and the plates, once finished were taken away. As for the various bars, they were all good. Again friendly staff and nice drinks. The Piano Bar was a nice place before or after the supper, to simply sit down, enjoy either a hot black tea or cappuccino and listen to the music. He played a variety of tunes, from classical to Broadway to Pop.

The Snack Bar was 24 hours and grilled some nice hamburgers, hot dogs and fries.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: The pool was very good, the area around it, was fine. There was lots of shade and lots of lounge chairs. Never to search for an empty, there was always plenty of choice. The beach is very narrow, and not as clean as it could have been. There was a lot of growth matter, but this might have been more due to storms, however, they could have cleaned it up. There was also a fair bit of litter on the sand. They should place more garbage containers in the beach area. Sadly there are people who leave their garbage everywhere. The water is wonderful. There is a lot of sand off the beach and so the water is rather shallow. It was glorious to swim or just walk into the water. Also there was a good selection of paddle boats, kayaks, sailboats for those who wanted to do more then just sit and read. They were included in the overall price. There was snorkeling available to the local reef, which did cost 20CUC. The grounds were beautiful. The staff was busy planting and developing new gardens along the pathways. It was very clean, almost no garbage along the paths and it was simply fabulous.

The resort had a lagoon in the middle which had flamingos, both plastic and real as well as a number of water birds. This added to the charm of the resort.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: In the pool area the staff was there to encourage group activities that did get people to participate. There was aerobics, water aerobics, pool games and fun competitions. You could get involved, watch, or simply let life go past. There was a souvenir store and a small bazaar featuring home made crafts. We spent a lot of time looking and purchasing some of the crafts. The prices were reasonable. We took advantage of a trip to Moron Cuba, which also included a stop at a crocodile farm and a mangrove swamp in a speed boat. The town is kind of sketchy and I think because the area is now being developed for tourists isn’t quite there yet. However, there was very nice stop after a horse and buggy ride through the town.

After the visit, the trip through the mangrove swamp was quite educational and informative. It was fascinating to learn about the mangrove and fun to ride fast across the lake. Afterwards we were treated to a very nice Cuban BBQ.

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