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We flew Sunwing. Flight was great. No issues. We got to the resort and Cuba always amazes us when they don’t seem to have any idea that customers are coming. Totally bewildered that there’s a lineup in front of them. Not just this hotel but most hotels in Cuba. For some reason they couldn’t find our reservation. We had printed off our reservation, had a ticket stub from the plane, there was someone at the airport that checked our name on a list and put us on a shuttle bus but the front desk at the resort had no idea who we were. We requested a king bed on the second floor close to the beach. She decided to let us have two single beds on the first floor close to the pool. Not until we asked to see the manager would she say they would look into it the next morning. We wanted the manager’s name and what time he/she would be there in the morning and suddenly she found a room on the second floor close to the beach. No king bed but we gave up. Did they escort us to our room or give us a ride to our room? No! Pitch black at night at a strange resort and they pointed in the general direction and said it was over there. Four star? Not even close. We brought our room number to the bellboys and they said they would meet us there. So we couldn’t ride with them? We had to stumble through the dimly lit resort with a very poor map to find our own way around a strange resort to find our room by ourselves. Not four star service at all.

The room was OK. Nothing special. As said above we had to argue to get what we had asked for. We asked for a king bed and got two single beds but we got sick of trying to argue with them. The room we ended up with had a really nice view of the lagoon and the ocean in the distance. You could hear the waves on the beach. To see the lagoon and the ocean, we had to look past the unfinished landscaping in front of it. Just bare mud, no grass and a few dead trees. If you could block that out, the view was really nice. Pretty hard to block that out though. Not much water pressure because the shower head was mostly plugged up. Don’t know why they decided to put the toilet paper holder behind the toilet next to the floor. You can’t use it. You have to remember to take the toilet paper out of the holder and put it somewhere that you can reach it before you do your business. You get one bottle of water, one drinking box of fruit juice and one box of Kleenex *per week per room*!! Unheard of. Not four star. No ironing board or iron as advertised either.

Restaurants and Bars:
This is off-season so all a-la-cartes were in the same building. Nothing fancy. Just a square room with tables in it beside the buffet. Not romantic or special. We were allowed only 2 a-la-cartes. First 4 star resort I’ve ever seen that only allowed 2. The meals at the a-la-cartes was so rushed we had to laugh. We thought we were in some sort of race to get done the quickest or something. Inside of 40 minutes we were done our "meal" and on our way to the buffet to get some more food. The food tasted OK but we both could have eaten two or three of the servings they gave us. (no, we’re not obese people!). We dressed up to go to the a-la-carte as you should (have a little class, huh?) but anyone could get in there no matter what you wore. Shorts, tank tops and flip flops? Come on in. Not four star and disappointing. The buffet was also very disappointing. Pretty much exactly the same food every day with very little change. Lunch and dinner was exactly the same food on the same day. Then next day they would make a minor alteration like a different sauce on the skinny chicken, or rice instead of cold potatoes but overall, the same thing day after day after day. Yes, it’s Cuba and yes, you expect to have lower quality than at home and maybe less variety, but this is the worst I’ve seen. The station where a guy would cook food in front of you had *exactly* the same thing every day, day after day. The pasta cooking station had *exactly* the same thing every day, day after day. Totally disappointing and not 4 star by any stretch of the imagination. Most of the waiters/waitresses were very attentive and nice. Any of the men who were standing around watching things (managers, cooks, "chefs", etc) never smiled. Not even once. The guy cooking the fish at the only station where food was cooked in ! front of you never ever smiled…..unless you gave him a tip, then all of a sudden he was smiling and happy and glad to see you every day.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: The pool looked nice. Hardly any shade at all. You would roast if you sat at the pool for any length of time. The beach was absolutely beautiful. Warm, clear water that went on for miles. If you’re going to Cuba to relax, this is exactly what you want to see. Just to sit and listen to the wave lapping up on the shore on a beautiful beach that goes on for miles. Brings a smile to my face just thinking of it. But….then some idiot shows up every day at 10:30am, sets up a speaker and blasts the entire beach with night club music. We went as far down the beach as we could and we still couldn’t get away from it. Other people were complaining about it too and moving farther down the beach to try to get away from it but you couldn’t. It was much too loud and the "DJ" was yelling into his mic all the time too. We finally went and asked him to turn it down and he gave us a hard time but he finally turned it down. But the next day it would start all over again. We went to the front desk and asked them to do something about it and they called the beach bar and told them to turn it down. From then on, it was quieter and it was off by 1pm (as it was supposed to be in the first place). But who wants to listen to that crap like it’s a night club at 10:30am?? Nobody I know. This blasting music/dj completely ruined an absolutely beautiful beach. When we were there the beach was infested with jelly fish but that is obviously not the fault of the resort. But you couldn’t relax in the water because there were jelly fish everywhere. We had no problems with mosquitoes/fleas/ticks that other have mentioned. If you wear perfume or hairspray or any other scented stuff, expect to be bothered by mosquitoes.

The grounds? The landscaping isn’t even done. I understand that this is a newer resort but come on. I’ve been at resorts in Cuba that just opened the week before I arrived and the grounds were complete and beautiful. This place has been open for almost a year and it looks like they haven’t even started planning it yet. You say it will grow in? If it hasn’t grown-in in a year, why would I think it will grow in at all? It should be completely green and lush long before now.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We didn’t go on any tours. They charge way too much and because Cayo Coco is so far away from everything, it takes too long to get there and back.

Other Comments:
This is NOT a four star resort. I’ve been at 3 star resorts that blow this place away. Anyone who has been to this resort and says they like it and/or would return have not been to a good resort yet or they work for someone promoting this place. You can go to a much, much, much better resort for the same money. There is loud, loud music everywhere you go here. Some people like that and if you do, you’ll get lots of it here. If you want a quiet, romantic get-away, you’re looking in the wrong place. The grounds don’t even have any grass growing in most places, the buildings etc are nothing special to look at and the service is way below average (unless you tip them then suddenly they’re you’re best friends). This resort was a huge disappointment and I would not recommend this to anyone at any price. I don’t care if it’s off season. I paid my money to visit your resort. Please treat me like I’m a paying customer that you would like to see returning to your resort. This is the first resort I’ve ever been to in any country where I actually wanted to leave early. We asked to be moved to a different hotel but they wanted full price to move. Yes, it’s that bad.

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