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arrived at the resort approx. 9:30PM, air conditioned bus was waiting at airport, baggage and passengers loaded efficiently, then briefed by a knowledgeable gentleman, luggage was transported to room quickly.

Rooms:: We had an upgrade mini suite, located near the pool and lobby,king size bed, small wicker sofa, and chair ,writing desk, mini fridge stocked with 1 large bottle of water and 2 cans of pop, these items were not replenished.Bathroom,had 1 small round bar of soap 1 small packet of Kleenex, 1/2 roll toilet paper, 2 white towels, small bath mat, which was taken away the second day, the bar of soap lasted us, but we had to borrow a couple of rolls of toilet paper off the cleaning ladies trolley. The room was smelling very strong of cigar smoke, my wife who immediately began to cough and choke, so I opened an unscreened bathroom window and the screened patio door which helped.We called the lobby staff and they sent an employee with spray, who sprayed all curtains, bed spread walls etc, with a perfumed substance which was not much better than the cigar smoke. The 2nd day the air conditioner failed, a worker arrived quickly, made a few adjustments, and advised us we would have cold air in 20 minutes, well this went on for 4 more days,and we gave up calling. on the 3rd and 4th day a workman came in and lifted the ceiling panels at the front door and in the bathroom and about a gallon of water cascaded down onto the floor and walls, this was cleaned immediately by a lady who said sorry sorry for problem. toilet seat had a broken hinge so one settled cautiously, while dodging the drip of water from the ceiling.There was very little warm water, as was there very little water in the bath tub/shower , one morning there was a little frog in the bath tub, but since it had come up through the drain, I was fearful that a small snake could also appear, thankfully this did not happen . In a conversation with some folk at the resort on the 4th day of our stay, they informed us that they had been booked at the Oasis resort next door, but because of horrible conditions they were re booked to Blue bay, so the front desk staff were not honest with us about availability of a replacement room

the lady looking after our suite did a terrific job, and we rewarded her well with children’ s items and clothing

Restaurants and Bars:: restaurants and lobby bar allowed smoking in all areas, so it was get your drink and find a place in the main lobby to sit and chat with friends, bar staff friendly and efficient.

We found the buffet very good, a little short staffed, but all the hotel staff we had contact with were very helpful, we used the same table for all meals and the serving girl we had came to us a quickly as possible

beach was the best I have seen of the 4 resorts in Cuba we have been to, pool for adults and children was fine, exception was the 2 chaps that only put out little tables when some one sat in a lounge chair and for their service expected to get a tip. These 2 fellows also tried hawking some junk merchandise.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
we went to Moron on our own and did not feel comfortable walking among the hordes of people aimlessly milling about on a weekday

Other Comments::
other than the fine staff and the great beach I give this resort a strong turn down , we will not return, and also will not recommend it to our friends.

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