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We went for our university reading week. I had never been to Cuba so it was a wonderful experience. However, though others comments are arguing that people are getting bed bugs mixed up with sand fleas are very wrong. Thats what I though my bites were the first couple days, but it didnt make sense cause I had not been to the beach yet… odd but the other girls I met up with there had them too, exactly the same bites and they said they were sand fleas so I didnt get nervous about them. Than every morning I had more, and they itch so bad. I am very sensative and these are small little bites tha bleed very easily if scratched. I saw 1 mosquito the intire week. I knew the bites were odd but just decided it was some odd bug from cuba. I did not leave my bed for a whole two evenings as I was sun sick and tired… so I was not outside to get any bites either and got tons those nights. now it has been exactly a week since we arrived home and I am covered! My boyfriends legs are covered and his arms and shoulders. My side, my back it is very horrible.

We saw another girls legs that were covered in the same looking bites in the lobby and than one in the airport home, I just assumed this was a sandflea problem. But trust me!!! these are bed bugs, there is no dout about it. I am mad that I spend money to be infested in my house, my parents and now my boyfriends with these pests. This is a horrible result of a overall wonderful relaxing vacation…. I have to go scratch all my bites…. good luck.

Room Number:

Room Block:

feb 19th sunday evening

Rooms: Good, spatious, big comfy king size bed, great pillows. Buttttt bed bugs.

there were no towels at first, the maid did not sweep up the floor untill I started to do it myself haha there was no cord for phone, or the tv. and no lamp shade at first untill the 3rd day something go fixed daily it seemed, i think they do this for more oppurtunities for tips, cant blame them.

Restaurants and Bars:
food was usually pretty gross, but other foods were amazing. The orange joice was fresh and so yummy

beach was beautiful but crowded. , the pools were wonderful, and the grounds were beautiful also.

Other Comments:
Dont let the bed bugs Bite!!!! cause they will

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