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Realizing that experiences at all-inclusives are entirely subjective and can be affected by zillions of factors, here are my thoughts. I got back two hours ago, spent Dec. 26 – Jan. 2 inclusive there with a group of eight (five adults, three teenagers). This was my fourth stay at an all-inclusive, second in Varadero. – If you book Nolitours, check-in is private and a breeze. – The resort is far away from town. You cannot walk there. You will need to take a bus or taxi. I didn’t expect this going there (but I suppose I could have figured that out by looking at a map!). – I expected the worst when it came to food (my last experience sucked) but it actually turned out to be pretty good. I don’t eat pork but still found plenty of options. Problems: next to impossible to get a la carte bookings (Cuban was surprisingly good, Italian excellent) and the "Nolitours-only" dinners were a gong show (huge crowds, bad food), – We did the Nolitours Havana excursion and the catamaran excursion. Both were excellent. If booking the catamaran excursion be prepared for lots of drinking in the sun on a boat, followed by a beach visit. Lots of fun. But not great for kids. – The resort is huge. It’s the biggest in Varadero. As a result, be prepared to walk. A lot. – I like to run, and this was not an option at the gym (eliptical and stair equipment only). All the joggers ran around the outskirts of the resort, dodging pedestrians. Not the best arrangement. – Staff was always nice and friendly. Entertainment activities do NOT vary too much though. – I’m generally not fan of shows at resorts but the one they put on with gymnasts and such was simply superb IMO. – Disco is nonexistent. You’ll want to head offsite for late-night entertainment. – Kids LOVED the waterslide.

Anyway, not the most in-depth review but I suppose I just wanted to say it was a good time, the food was decent and everyone had fun. And isn’t that what you generally want in a vacation? 🙂

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