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Although rated at 4-star this resort comes across as a 3-star. It is tired and needs some TLC to restore it’s 4-star rating. All the staff were pleasant and friendly and did the best they could with the neglected rooms and gardens. The resort is spread over a huge lot involving plenty of walking to and from the beach and restaurants. There are electric carts to ferry guests around but be prepared to wait for one to arrive. These carts are very quiet and can suddenly approach from behind with no warning.

Room Number:

Room Block:

Excellent transfer from Airport to Resort. Tour guide gave us the basics of a vacation in Cuba. Quick check-in and transport to room by noon. On the beach by 1.30pm !

Our room needed a paint job – and other guests reported the same. Some bathroom fixtures were damaged and not fixed during our 2 week stay. However there was always hot water for showers and the maid was excellent in cleaning the room and ensuring that our towels were always clean and fresh – even without asking.

Restaurants and Bars:
Usual Cuban selection at the cafeteria. Food quality was average but food tended to get cold quickly with the constant winds that we had all the time. Disappointed with the a-la-carte restaurants where the food did not truly reflect the designated country but was merely a Cuban version.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Excellent beach for going for long walks – 15 km if you want to.

We did not get involved in the beach entertainment so cannot comment. The activity pool was very active all day long and appeared to accommodate ages from 10 – 50. The quiet pool was not always so which was a shame, especially on those windy days when the beach was not friendly. Landscaping was OK but more varieties of tress and shrubs would be welcome.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We went on the Sugar Cane factory tour. Very informative and the "free" bottles of rum were appreciated. Different shows were available at the Theatre each evening, the Michal Jackson tribute was especially good, and various activities occurred in the lobby each evening. These latter events were very welcome during the occasional wet and windy evenings.

Other Comments:
We will not return. We have experienced other Cuban resorts which have lived-up to their 4-star rating, unfortunately this resort does not.

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