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We went as a group of six. We left Ottawa Ontario via Sunwing, which I have nothing but positive comments for. We were offered champagne, free headsets, onboard movie, free meals and were quite comfortable too (except for the crying and screaming kid sitting in front of us).

Room Number:

Arrival: When arriving at the resort, our rooms weren’t ready, as we arrived too early. The personnel stored our luggage in a secure room, while we went to one of the many restaurants for eats and drinks. We loved it all right away! The staff were amazing, always helpful and spoke English, French or Spanish with us, our choice – not theirs.

Rooms: Our rooms weren’t the worst I’ve slept in, but could certainly use an upgrade. Besides, we were only in our rooms to sleep and shower, so who cares? None the less, they’re are soundproof, therefore no matter the amount of late partying at night, no sound bothered us. In each of our rooms, we received a large bottle of rum and bottle of water. Each room had a safe and refrigerator, which they don’t stock. This is not a problem, since we had all the coffee, juice, soft drinks or booze at the bars.

Restaurants and Bars: The restaurants were fine. We never went hungry. The food was more than plenty and there was enough variety to not get bored night after night – so ignore all the negative comments you read on rating sites. We always had all the drinks we wanted, the way we wanted them. They were really not measuring the amount of liquor they added to the glasses 😀

If you are a coffee lover, you’ll thoroughly enjoy theirs! I recommend the lobby bar for cappucino, espresso, café au lait, etc etc.. simply endless and simply the best!

Beach/Pools/Grounds: The beach was breathtaking, and plenty of chairs for everyone. Access to the beach bar was reasonable. Before going to Varadero, I read many complaints about sand flees, not true, unless you stand on dried up seaweed – which were cleaned up daily. I would recommend that you bring your own beach towel but they also loan them with a $10 refundable deposit. From the beach, you can access many other resorts which are all within walking distance. We visited many of them. I must say that by far, Playa de Oro offers the best pools. Our grounds were better than some and comparable to others – you won’t be disappointed. What I also noticed, was that Playa de Oro always has employees at all locations of the resort. Some of the others were like a ghost town.

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