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When we were making plans to book our trip, we had the mayan riviera in mind for our wedding. We just had to narrow it down to the resort. We were recommended the BPA by our travel agent. We decided to look into this one and several others, and we ended up deciding on this resort mostly by word of mouth. We met several people who had been to this resort and couldn’t say enough good about it. Also when it came down to it, this resort was a little cheaper fee, and also included a reception dinner, a lot of others were an extra charge. When planning my wedding i found this review site very helpful, as i was able to contact other girls from their reviews, and got good information from them, which made me feel better knowing i was hearing good things from other brides in Canada. Most of the other posts pretty much sum up all the information on this resort, so i’m not going to go into great detail on the resort itself, other than it is FANTASTIC. I honestly can’t say enough good things about it.

WEDDING: First of all, air transat upgraded us to first class flying, because we had a good size group (44), which was really cool. In regards to your wedding dress, they will not take it on the plane, so you either pack it yourself, or have it wrapped in a box to check as luggage. When we arrived at the resort we had also been upgraded to the VIP area in the resort. (I was told after so many ppl booked you automatically get VIP at the resort). Anyway, we were booked in villa 66, which was by far the best villa in my opinion. It was ocean view and the closest villa to the ocean. It was really neat waking up to the sound of the waves, and sitting on the balcony. We were also overlooking the wedding location too, so that was nice as we got to see other weddings set up etc. before ours.

PAPERWORK: when we checked in, we found an envelope left from the wedding coordinator Karla, requesting we meet her the next morning at 10:30. When i was contacting the wedding coordinators via email, i received replies from several different people. At first i got emails from Fernanda, and Martina, and then the last month before our trip, i was getting replies from Karla. We went to the reception area to meet Karla, and as mentioned in other emails, they work on mexican time, don’t expect them to be on time. (Even though every other service at the resort was on time). We waited about 15 minutes and still nothing, so we got the front desk to page her and she finally came at 11:30. She apologized, and proceeded to tell us that the wedding the day before gave her a bad cheque, and that they are short staffed so they are very busy. So I understood, but at that same time…..not my fault. I had asked her about martina and fernanda, and she told me they were no longer at the resort. I was a little frustrated but whatever not a big deal. I had previously emailed her and let her know that our witnesses wouldn’t be there until after us, so we finished what paperwork we could, and had to meet her again monday morning with our witnesses and their info. So again, we show up at 9:30 monday morning at her request, and paged her, and she was 45 minutes late this time, which made me mad because she’s not just wasting our time, but our guests as well. So then we were finished with the paperwork portion, but the photocopier on the akumal side doesn’t print good enough so she had to keep our passports and we had to go back the next day to pick them up.

DAY BEFORE WEDDING: I requested to have my dress steamed and my own wedding music at the ceremony. Karla had instructed me to leave my dress on my bed the day before the wedding and someone would pick it up to have it steamed. I hadn’t talked to her since monday, so i finally called her on wednesday afternoon to ask her when she was going to get my wedding music, so she told me to leave it at the front desk, which was fine. Also by 4:00 my dress still hadn’t been picked up for steaming, but i just called the front desk and they had someone pick it up asap. We didn’t want the big wedding extravaganza, so we didn’t have a rehearsal or rehearsal dinner or anything.

WEDDING DAY: My dress was returned to my room by noon carried in by 2 staff, one holding the train up in the back, it was very nice. I had a hair appointment booked at the spa, i was booked in with a lady, and i gave her pictures of what i wanted, not expecting it to be perfect, but quite honestly she wasn’t very good and really quite snotty, and she didn’t listen to what i asked her, and i think i was very polite about it. She kept saying yes, but she never changed what she was doing, so i finally just quit asking, but she basically greased my hair to my head in the front which i did not like at all, but i decided just to get out of there and fix it myself. This is where i made my mistake because other brides had recommended booking victor and i didn’t specify him, and now i would stress to anyone getting your hair done, please ask for him. I had brought some clips etc, to put in my hair, but because i was frustrated by the end of the appt, i just said i would do it in my room myself. Well victor came over and he was so nice, and he wanted to put them in and he reassured me it would be OK, and if i still didn’t like it then i could put them in myself. But as everyone else told me, he was fantastic, both in personality and skill. The back of my hair looked good, it was just the front i had to fix, it was basically glued right to my head. So i managed to pull it out and fix it a bit on my own. I still wasn’t 100% happy, but i’m probably a little picky about my hair. Bottom line though, get victor. Also the hair appt. costs 80USD and a nail repair is 10USD.

Our wedding was scheduled at 3:00, which i highly recommend, as again in "mexican time", we weren’t picked up until 3:30. We were ready to go by 2:45, and we could see everyone on the beach waiting around. During the signing of the papers, we had music play, and the person playing the music didn’t have it hooked up properly so the song kept cutting out, which was a little annoying, but not the end of the world. We also had outside spectators which was fine from a distance, but there was one guy who came right into the wedding, and sat on the rock ledge at the front right beside my uncle who was videoing, i could acutally look right at him from where i was standing, and then he ran into us later and bragged to us that he was there at our wedding, like we were supposed to be complimented or something. You may want to get ppl in your group to set up a perimeter keeping non-wedding guests out. Anyway, at 3ish, there is a cool breeze that blows off the ocean. Like mine wedding, and every wedding we saw after was always running late. We watched a wedding one day that didn’t start until 4:30, and they ran out of sun for their pictures. It gets dark at 5:30. We had a photographer in our group, so he took our pictures, we did ocean pictures and we moved to another location of trees behind the seafood restaurant along the path and took pictures there, which i think turned out great. We also did some fun pictures, sitting on a beach chair, dipping feet in the pool, which looks neat. We only took probably an hour to do the pictures, but again, if your wedding is later, you’ll run into dark. Our reception was at the Arlequin restaurant, and i cannot brag enough how good the food and especially the service was. They were all over us, pulling one plate out and putting another down. We had also requested just a wedding cake and no dessert. We got the vanilla, and it was without a doubt the best cake i have ever had. We had several ppl in our group comment on how good the service and the cake was. We rented the disco for the evening because i thought it would be nice when you have a group. The DJ was 20 minutes late, and when i’m paying 170 USD per hour, i want to start on time. We had fun, but we also saw other wedding groups throughout our 2 weeks who just went to the live music bar and joined the disco at midnight, and they looked like they had a great time. Unless you have a really big group, i wouldn’t bother renting the disco. Our wedding day went extremely smooth, we all thoroughly enjoyed it, and we weren’t going to complain about anything until… we got a call 3 days after our wedding from a mexican waiter at the arlequin restaurant where we had our reception. He couldn’t speak very good english, but he got the point across that our wedding documents were there. We didn’t think too much about it as we thought we just misunderstood him. However my husband went to check it out. Sure enough, our official, legal wedding documents were at the restaurant. This is when we got mad. We called the wedding supervisor, to find out what was going on. We told her what happened, asking who took them there, that we knew nothing about it. So because it was sunday, we called her back the next day, and sure enough,she found out that the coordinator had dropped our documents off at the restaurant, but didn’t tell anyone. To me these are like a passport, i kind of thought they would be sent to our room or handed directly to us. So hadn’t this guy had called us on it, we would have never known where they were. What if someone had thrown them away? Because of this the supervisor gave us a dinner on the tulum side which we normally didn’t have access to, which was nice. We were still a little mad, but we just left it at that. In the end i can’t say a bad thing about this resort vacation wise. I don’t know if i recommend having a wedding here right now, even though i have nothing else to compare it to. I understand they work on mexican time, but being late twice? Dropping my papers off at a restaurant? No one called us to ask us how the wedding was, to settle the bill, nothing. I was very happy with the day itself, but they are very short staffed and a little unorganized in the wedding department right now, and it showed. They did take money off our final bill, so we did leave fairly satisfied. Hadn’t the day itself gone great, i don’t know if i would have been. Maybe in a year from now when they are fully staffed again, this would be the best place to be married, we did have a great day, but for now i would say keep it as a consideration, but look around. Please feel free to contact me to see pictures, or ask questions., please use BPA as subject.

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