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For the price and the service I got from this place, it is up to Cuban standard which means it’s not bad but not so good, just in between as the negatives were same amount with the positive. One advice though, if you want a quiet time, you should probably stay clear of this place during weekends because weekend is usually their disco night with loud music which is quite fun if you are into that kind of thing. The hotel staff was friendly, they were helpful and tried to help out if you had problem with anything, they tried to fix it for you almost immediately which was nice. The rooms are big enough, not so large but adequate and it’s clean so that’s a plus. The room was tidy and all the amenities were functional so was the bathroom, it was and the shower and every other thing in it was working. The pool was nice, it was clean and the temperature of the water was warm. I especially loved the cappuccinos served at the lobby; it was great and food at this hotel was okay, not spectacular. The restaurant guy I think his name was Louis is a really nice person. Although, the hotel looks little bit dated but you will find it accommodating as I did. Sure they need to upgrade some of their amenities and decor but it was nice all in all and I will be back. I did have a nice time here so I recommend it to you.

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