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It took me a little while to get my review typed and sent, but it is now up.Just wanted to thank everyone again for helping me out so much with my trip. (Special thanks to Ben!)Hope I can return the favour some day . . .


Sonja, I have read your review several times since you have posted it. I am wanting so bad to return there. I thank you for the information on how you got there. Did everything go pretty smooth? How long a travel day would you say it was? (Worth every minute I imagine.)

Bebbie: Sorry it has taken me so long to reply! I have not been on the computer much lately. When we got back from our "big trip", I went back to work a few days later – I had been off for a year, so things have been a bit of an adjustment. It was a wonderful trip! Highly recommend it! I guess it was a long day, but we "earned" 3 hours due to the time difference, so that made it easier. We arrived in the afternoon – so we still had a day to relax.I hope you get to go again soon!


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