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We arrived at the resort around 12 noon. A rep from the resort brought us into a meeting room & confirmed everyone was present, then informed us that we’d have to wait until 4 to check in. I asked the agent if the room I was assigned would have 2 separate beds, as I would be sharing a room with a friend, and not with a spouse, and he verified that, yes, we would have 2 separate beds, We stuck around the front desk and lobby area until we could finally check in. At 4, we walked to our room, & noticed a terribly outdated room with only one bed. I made my way to the front desk & informed the hostess of the issue. She told me that the hotel had been overbooked, & unfortunately they could not accommodate my requirement. I booked months ago – how could they not have a proper room for us? I would not accept that answer, & after about an hour more of scrambling around, they were able to find a room with 2 beds for myself and my friend. Basically my entire first day at this resort was wasted sitting around the lobby waiting. Disappointing. The next morning, I made my way down to the beach. The resort gives you a towel card, which you exchange at a hut down by the beach, for a towel. At the end of the day, you bring your towel back, and they return your towel card. When I arrived at the beach, there were no towels. After waiting over an hour, I was able to get one. At night, my friends and I went out to a bar across the street. Upon return to the resort, we were hungry – but shocked to find that the resort didn’t have a 24-hr snack bar. I thought most all-inclusives did? The latest restaurant closes daily at 11pm, so we were out of luck. A few days later, I went to the beach again, & like before, there were no towels. I checked back to the towel hut 6 times in 5 hours that afternoon, and did not receive a towel at any point that day. My friend & I took a dip in the ocean, & decided to head back to the room to dry off and clean up for dinner. Unfortunately the key card to enter the room wasn’t working, so we had to go to the lobby to get a new one. We were stopped on our way, by a security guard, who informed us that we are not allowed to enter the lobby with wet clothes. I informed her that there were no towels at the beach hut, & that our room key would not work – we just needed new room keys so we could go to our rooms to dry off. She insisted that we would not be allowed to enter the lobby, period. What were we supposed to do?! Surely this wasn’t our fault. We waited for awhile, and finally were dry enough for her liking, to enter the lobby.

These were the main issues on my trip. The shows were sub-par, however the food was quite delicious. Bar staff was always friendly and courteous. Cleaning staff only restocked the fridge once, and seemed to come at strange hours. One day, my room wasn’t cleaned until 5pm. Other days, the cleaners would be knocking on my door at 8am.

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