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I am trying to gather information, I want to see how many want to go to the City while on vacation, I am Canadian but love Cuba and have a great number of friends there, I always notice that the trips in from Varadero are short and not very fun, I would like to know what things people would enjoy most.

1-Sight Seeing- Revolution Square. Jesus of Havana, Malecon and many others 2-Music Tours. Dancing and live music, perhaps opera tickets, depending on seating and demand, 3-Colonial Cuba- a walking tour that consist of showing the many buildings and places that take you back to another time, Cuba has a rich history, there is a lot of false information, I would like to clarify any of these things if I can.

4-Food Tours- tasting different cuisine and eating at the best places

These are just thoughts but I have wanted to do this for sometime, Cuba is beautiful and visiting the resort is good but you want to see the real Cuba and meet beautiful people and see the difference between wants and needs.

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