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  Grand Oasis Riviera Maya   Jenny ~ USA

March 2009

The checking in process was not bad at all. It went quickly.

The rooms were nice, great view off the balcony. The mini fridge did not work very well so stuff was not cold. The beds and pillows were very comfy

Restaurants and Bars
The restaurants were terrible.. The buffet had the same food everyday and it was never hot. There is just something wrong with eating cold eggs. I was not impressed with the bars either… you had to constantly watch the time to see if they were open or not. The only one that was open the longest was at Seropes. The bartender there named Fernando was awesome. He took very good care of you.

Never got into the pools, the water was so cold in them that it took your breathe away. The beach was beautiful though. If you like to snorkel this is the place to go

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
I never did any tours due to the fact that they all took 2 hours to get too. I did however walk down the beach to another resort thtat offered Parasailing…. that was so totally worth it.

Other Comments I had read other reviews that if you were not a part of the Vera Club, then you would not enjoy your stay… I did not believe those at all,,, but now I do! The Vera Club had special priviledges, like a big welcoming party, saved seating in the restaurants, served first. Plus the staff would be with them constantly. The only thing for me that saved this vacation was the good times with my friends and the entertainment guy named Lalo…. he made you feel welcome and made sure that you had a good time at the hotel events. If not for Lalo, I would say stay away from this place, unfortunately he is even not enough for me to want to ever return to this God Forsaken place.

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  Grand Oasis Riviera Maya   Lynn ~ Canada

February 2009

We were one hour and a half late.We had a plugged sink no glasses in our room .The fridge was not stocked.The meal onthe plane was not good. It was a dried up bun with a piece of roast beef and cheese.

We had no coffee maker.I had asked them several times for a coffee maker and it never happened. I had to find a maid and brought the coffee maker back myself. There was no hot water in the shower and the sink most of the time.We had a nice room over looking the ocean and the service was good and the people that worked there were very nice

Restaurants and Bars
All the restaurants were very good. The buffet was very good.

There was no real swim up bar in the beachfront. We had to walk to the other end of the hotel to get a drink.There was no music at our end of the hotel.You cannot reserve a chair on the beach or at the pool and people would leave there towel on the chair and walk away for hours and those towels if lost are worth 50.00 each so what would happen is people would sometimes take them .There was benches and chairs not used for a full day but there was towels on them and people would take the chair mats from the pools and take them to the beach and that was not right because the pool area had no pads only hard wooden chairs

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel They did have some really good day excursions but they were costly to a point.

Small pools and very cold . The Ocean was warmer.

Other Comments I feel that it was not a four and a half star hotel and they should have more live entertainment at the hotel.


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  Grand Oasis Riviera Maya   Rick ~ Alberta

January 2009

Arrival: January, 2009
Staff took 4 parties at once and lost us. We had to take our on bags.

clean, smell from sewer. clogged toilet. Very hard to get water in rooms. Workers took our balcony apart while we were there.

Restaurants and Bars:
Had to always hunt for an open bar. Very stingy on alcohol even when we tipped. Poor selection in Buffet.

crowded beach. nice water, lots of fish

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
No pedal boats as advertised. Xel-ha was great but it took 1 1/2 hours by tour bus for a 10 min cab ride to get there.

Other Comments: Hotel staff were not helpful. Told us they would transfer us to the Grand Oasis Cancun, which is a new hotel and sent us to the Grand Oasis Playa. It had the same problems

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March 2008

We have been to this resort twice-first time 3 years ago was fantastic, lots of water activities with Mexican staff who were great,. Second time there total change-lots of rude ******* and if you were not ***** you did not have any activities at all. I would not recomend this resort for that very fact, if you are not part of the Vera Club you may as well be invisible. I am very sad about this because the beach is so fantastic, you can snorkel to the reef at will it is just lovely!! I will definitely try to find another resort with as nice and accessable beach and reef. It is not enjoyable the way you are treated at this resort if you are not ********. Stay away spend your hard earned money elsewhere!!! This from someone who loves this place but I refuse to spend that kind of money for that kind of treatment!!!

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  Grand Oasis Riviera Maya   Donna ~ Vancouver, BC, Canada

January 2008

Arrival – Very pleasant check-in, staff exchanged money into pesos and had a golf cart pick us up to take us to the main part of the hotel. Bell boys hauled our luggage to our rooms, very friendly and helpful.

Rooms – Very clean, Mexican style. Great shower with separate toilet room. Ocean Front Room. Excellent bed, nice size patio except the bugs got to us after a few days. Thank goodness I had a bottle of bug-off. Lovely marble floors. Mini bar was replenished with pop, water and beer each day. Phones usually didn’t work which didn’t bother us too much as you could have the concierge make calls for you. Could use a few more chairs & a table on the patio.

Restaurants – The main restaurant was great! Lots of food choices and all fresh. We liked the Brazilian restaurant so much we went twice. Didn’t get to the Italian as it was always fully booked and I understand the food there was excellent. Asian Restaurant was also very nice, good food. The staff in all of the restaurants were friendly and helpful. The coffee is lousy, tastes like instant. They could use a good coffee bar or at least proper perked or drip coffee machines.

Bars – I think we managed to get to every bar, there are quite a few. The staff were exceptionally friendly. The swim-up juice bar was fabulous!

Beach and Pools – Lovely beach and lots of lounge chairs and towels. The staff were always cleaning up, sweeping and raking and mopping. Very clean place. Some of the pools attracted the younger people and some of them definitely were much quieter which was great. Staff would walk around with big trays of fresh fruit for us, free. Nice touch!

Grounds – There were many people working and fixing the hallways and grounds because of the hurricane damage last year. Everything was clean though.

Activities – There were kayaks and snorkeling gear, wind surfing equipment etc.

Conclusion – I would definitely go back and have recommended it to several people.

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Grand Oasis Riviera Maya Don ~ Ohio

November 2007

Arrival The hotel did not provide us the room we paid for. There were quite a few couples who were in the treated the same way. We booked our vacation through Apple vacations. The Apple rep was powerless in helping us get the room we paid for.

Rooms – The room was not ready for us when we arrived and there were maintenance issues that did not get fixed while we were there.

Restaurants – This resort list several restruants. There are only two restruants. They chamge the menu every night and call it a new restruant.

Conclusion – It was a ppearant that they put the people who booked their vacation through Apple Vacations and fun jet on the lowest priority for rooms.

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Grand Oasis Riviera Maya Pam ~ Canada

January 2007

Not the vacation I was hoping for.

Arrival was late in the evening. The actual check in was ok. We were given the rooms we had requested with an ocean view. We were also advised of the Italian Quarter, a segregated area for Italians WHY!! We had left home at noon ate at the airport in Toronto before boarding the plane. The airline (Air Transat) supplied horrible subs as there snacks (I am sure that a good part of the population does not like black olives on there subs, YUK) The resort did not offer much better, no one to greet us when we arrived, no food other than sandwiches that were wrapped and left in 2 areas. No drinks available. One bar open at 11 and it was on the roof. It was not a good first impression.

The morning arrives, and the buffet is open. The buffet was not bad as there was a variety of foods each day. The Brazilian restaurant was very greasy, to the point no one felt well after eating. The Italian restaurant was also not that impressive. We then decided not to try any other a la carte spots. The sushi bar was enjoyed by all.

Bars were open at all different hours. The patio bar and pool bar closed way to early. The cigar bar had very short hours. It was just not good!

Entertainment was extremely disappointing. The aquatic show was terrible. The Mexican show in the theatre was at best ok. The fire show was moderately entertaining. There was no promoting of any activities. I did notice that there were a couple of Italian employees that would speak with the Italian visitors but no one else!

The water sports were not promoted at all. Most water activities you had to leave the hotel and pay extra.

We finally left the resort to enhance our holiday which cost a lot more than what had expected to spend. We rented a van and a jeep to carry the 10 of us. We toured parts of Mexico and had a few nice meals while out. Senior Frogs in Playa del Carmen is a great little spot. Tulum has nice markets and Xel-ha was the best. I have good memories from these excursions but not to many from the resort.

I do have to add that the wait staff, cleaning staff and bar staff were great!!!

Check out!!!! Was terrible. First we had asked to keep 2 of our rooms until 3pm. We were led to believe that we had them until we went to pay and were told that we needed to be out at Noon. We then asked if we could at least keep one room and again we were told no as they had people on there way. Other families with one room were aloud to keep there room, we were 10 looking for one room. The management were not helpful. They stated they had a luggage room, we had not choice but to bring our luggage forward. They luggage room is on the walkway beside the check in office outside!!! This was not what I would expect at a 4+ star facility.

My suggestion to anyone traveling to the Mayan Riviera is to stay away from The GRAND OASIS RIVIERA MAYA!!!!!

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