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Coral Bay Outlook – St. John
There are only two main hotels on St. John – the Westin and Caneel Bay neither cheap so both times my wife and I have visited St. Johns we have rented houses overlooking Coral Bay ( the quiet end of the island) . Coral Bay Outlook is a beautiful two bedroom with one of the best views in the Caribbean. You are minutes away from grocery stores, restaurants, and St. John’s famed North Shore beaches which are as spectacular as advertised. We have found that renting a home rather that staying at a resort is just a lot more enjoyable. and gives you more freedom as far as personalizing you’re vacation. See Coral Bay Outlooks web site for more info.
Coral Bay Outlook
There are two main resorts on St. Johns, Caneel Bay and the Westin, but for years now my wife and I have preferred renting homes as it allows you a more personalized, flexible, and enjoyable vacation experience. Last year we rented Banana Wind on Coral Bay, a great one bedroom home and this year we rented its neighbor Coral Bay Outlook a wonderful two bedroom home with one of the best views in the Caribbean. Coral Bay Outlook is located at "the quiet end " of the island, minutes away from restaurants, grocery stores , a gas station and the famed North Shore beaches of St. John which are as spectacular as advertised. Highly Recommended. See Coral Bay Outlook’s website for more info.

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