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Dreams Los Cabos Ned & Peggy ~ USA

November 2007

We booked this trip through Expedia with connecting flights from New York’s JFK to SLC with a 42-minuite layover. I was a little nervous about missing the connection so we exercised our option under the Expedia travel insurance to change the itinerary and flew to SLC on Saturday 11-3 utilizing Delta’s Crown Room in NY and stayed overnight in Salt Lake City near the airport. Our flight to SJD on Sunday went off perfectly, we were able to wait at the airport in the Delta Crown Room before the flight again and it was wonderful.

We arrived in Mexico on a 90+ degree sunny day at about 2:30 PM. Immigration and luggage was fast as we were the only flight that arrived at that time. We got the green light and proceeded through the time sharks to our waiting Grey Line Transportation rep. We loaded into a shuttle van and were the first to be dropped off. The driver even stopped so we could buy a cold Cervasa on the way.

Check in was a breeze with the customary cold towels presented to us even before our luggage was removed from the van. The front desk staff was great and knew from my e-mailed correspondence that we were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and offered us champagne. There was a time share rep nearby that offered us a tour of the resort but we knew better and politely declined. Off we went to our Jr. Suite which was wonderful, we were assigned room 607 on the top floor with a fantastic view of the Sea of Cortez and near the elevator (I had e-mailed the resort prior and asked for a high floor). We had a nice fruit platter and bottle of champagne waiting for us as well as two Dreams bathrobes and slippers. This was part of the anniversary package we had arranged for.

We changed into pool clothes and headed down to find our friends who had arrived the day before (we were a group of 7-couples that decided to vacation together). We never got past the lobby; as they were hanging out, cocktails in hand enjoying the afternoon. We ended up sitting and chatting for a while then went for a walk to see the resort. For dinner we ate at the Oceana Seafood restaurant which was great. Everyone had a seafood dish and said it was great. I had “double turf, skip the surf” as I don’t eat seafood. The steaks were great. Decided to turn in as we were tired from traveling and we retired to our room for the night.

Monday 11-5

Woke up to a cloudless sky and sat on my outdoor deck and drank coffee to great the new day. We had breakfast in El Patio with another couple next to the main pool. Custom egg omelet’s or buffet items were offered and everything was great. We made our way over to the other side of the resort to the smaller “quiet” pool where we hung out for the day. This pool water is cooler than the main pool which I loved as the main pool felt like bathtub water to me. The quiet side still had a great swim up bar, and good service from the staff and did not get that noisy. For lunch we ate at Seaside Grill which for a buffet was good. For dinner we decided as a group to try the Italian Portofino which was great. They sat our group together with two round tables next to each other. Everything including the appetizer, soup, main course and desert were fantastic. After dinner we hung out near the lobby bar at the fire pit and enjoyed conversation.

Tuesday 11-6

I had another great morning sipping coffee on our deck catching some early morning Mexican sunshine. Has breakfast at Seaside Grill which was fantastic. Custom omelets and waffles were offered as well as the standard buffet of meats, fruits etc. We hung out in the sun by the quite pool for the morning. Has a quick lunch and met our group for a planned road trip to Los Cabos. Dreams provides a shuttle for $6.00 per person each way. The girls were supposed to go shopping and the guys were going to explore some of Los Cabos finer drinking establishments. We all walked around the marina together enjoying the boats, and sights until someone said, let’s stop for a cervasa. We all did of course and ended up having several overlooking the marina. It was fun.

Some of the guys, (myself included) decided to visit Cabo Wabo owned by Sammy Haggar. We left the girls and set off. After several time share offers while enroute, we found the entrance and walked into a fairly crowded outside bar area and each had a few cervasa’s and a shot of the world famous Cabo Wabo aged Tequila which was great. The girls and the other guys ended up meeting us there and we set off as a group of 14 again. The next planned stop, the Giggling Marlin. On the way, we past a small bar in the street called “The World’s Smallest Bar” Of course we had to stop in and take a photo. The Giggling Marlin was mostly empty as it’s only 4pm, the waiter pushed some tables together and we all ordered another round. One of our party decided to try on very large sombrero on a side table and before we knew it, several had tried it on and several photos were snapped. Magically an employee appeared with digital camera in hand offering to take pictures which we could later purchase and we politely declined. A large tray of Jell-O shots appeared with another employee and before you know it one of our guys had one and was charged $2.00. The same guy in our group then decided to try the Hanging Marlin shot which was hilarious. Everyone got up from the table (except your truly, who watched the table and bags) to go to the other side of the room to see our friend hung upside down from his ankles and drink three shots (you had to be there to appreciate the laughter).

It was now time to catch our 5:30 shuttle back to Dreams so we headed off to the pick up point. Some of us split off to visit the Los Cabos Fire Department for t-shirts they sell them to raise money and some of us are volunteer’s ourselves. We made it back to the pick up point to meet the others right at 5:30 and the shuttle has not arrived yet. Three of our group decided that one more tequila shot was in order and walked off to the bar across the street. ½ an hour later, they were not back and the shuttle was still not there. The security guard told us there was a lot of traffic and it would be here eventually. At 6:20 the 5:30 shuttle showed up and our group (less the three who walked off for another drink) left for Dreams. At first traffic was not bad until we hit a stretch under construction. Traffic stopped dead and our driver started driving up the right shoulder passing cars on the right. Then he entered a closed construction site area next to the highway and rode about 3-miles passing traffic entering back into the highway by crossing over a grass median. I was joking with the others in the group that his brother was the chief of police the entire van cracked up. He got us back to Dreams in one piece; I tipped him an extra Fin and thanked him for a job well done.

Eleven out of our group of fourteen dined in Seaside Grill which was good. We then sat at the fire pit enjoying conversation and after dinner cordials when another shuttle pulled up with our friends we had left behind. Needless to say, one of the spouses was not too happy but at the same time relieved they made it back safely.

Wednesday 11-7

We had another great day at the resort enjoying the Mexican sun and drinks. Again we stayed primarily at the quiet side pool which was relaxing and nice. For lunch we ate right there at the Oceana and enjoyed the food. For dinner we went to the Seaside Grill. They had a Pirate night and three people in our group were picked to go onstage. Fun was had by all.

Thursday 11-8

More sun and cold drinks by the quiet pool today. We ordered lunch which was delivered to our lounge chairs by the pool. In the afternoon, we went over to the other pool which was fairly crowded and spent the rest of the day people watching and enjoying the ocean sounds. Dinner as a group at Seaside Grill was great.

Friday 11-9

Had breakfast with some of our friends that were leaving and met everyone in the lobby to say good buy. Spent the rest of the morning at the quiet pool again and had lunch right at our chairs. In the afternoon we ventured over to the main pool and found seats down by the smaller bottom infinity pool. Some other guests were getting somewhat rambunctious and were jumping off the ledge in the main pool into the lower pool. Security finally appeared and were advised against doing this again. For dinner we had arranged our “romantic” dinner at Portofino. This is included with the anniversary package and you make the arrangements through the concierge. We enjoyed everything and called it a night to start packing for our planned departure the next day.

Saturday 11-10

Woke up early and ate breakfast. Our shuttle to the airport was not due until 11:30 so we spent the morning soaking up a final few Mexican rays. The shuttle was on time and we picked up two other couples on the way to the airport. The airport was very busy and we had to wait on line to check in. They hand search every checked bad here and your carry on bags are searched by hand prior to going through the metal detectors. Since we were flying international, we were able to shop at the duty free shops after getting through security and brought home some goodies. Prices were good on alcohol and cigarettes.

Our direct flight home was perfect arriving in NY 5-hours after take-off. Immigration and luggage retrieval went quickly and we were home about 10:30 PM.

A few comments about the trip.

I did go through about $100 in tips during our stay. These Mexican locals who work there deserve every penny. I left $3.00 per day for the maid and tipped the turndown maid $5.00 at the end of the week when we saw her one night. For the most part, we did get slightly better service from most employees’ who were tipped but not all. Some of our favorites were Jose at the quiet pool, Pablo and Pepe at the lobby bar. One night we sat as a group to watch one of the shows and our waiter asked for a tip which was wrong. I like to tip when service is exceptional, but in this case, the waiter forgot some drink orders, never brought coffee and did not even offer to clean up some spillage.


The Italian restaurant was by far the best in my opinion. The only drawback was I had to wear long pants. Oceana was a close second. The rest were cruise ship quality. You could always find something to eat or drink.


There was some top shelf liquor to be found at certain bars but it was inconsistent. My wife likes Amaretto De Sorona and when the lobby bar ran out the first day, we did not see it again for two days. Some bars also ran out of absolute vodka and some did not have it at all. The only beer was Corona and a dark beer both on tap with no bottles available at any bars. Your refrigerator in your room was stocked with soda, bottled water and mini bottles of Corona and the dark beer.


Both my wife and I loved the week and we had a great time at the resort. Towards the end of the week, there were some very large groups arriving and it got a little loud. I would rate Dreams 4.5 out of 5 stars and would go back. I might like to try a resort closer to town as there was so much we did not see in Los Cabos. The weather for the week could not have been any better with daytime highs in the low 90’s (dry) and nighttime temps in the 70’s. We only saw light clouds in the mornings which always burned off before 10:00 am.

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January 2007

My husband, adult daughter and I stayed at the Dreams Resort Jan.12-19, 2007. We had a wonderful time. The weather wasn’t the best, but at least id didn’t rain much. It was cloudy and chilly for 3 days. We kept busy by going to Los Cabos on our own 1 day and taking a tour to both cities and a glass bottom boat ride another day. The hotel was very nice. We first had a room on the second floor, which was fine. We had a patio and green grass after that that looked out to the pool. I did go to the desk and asked if it would be possible to be on a higher floor and have a better view of the ocean. The man we spoke to checked through reservations and said he could move us, but not until Sun. That was fine with us. The new room was on the third floor and directly faced the beach and ocean it was wonderful. I have to say that the man we dealt with at the desk went out of his way to make the change for us and was happy to do it. The food was good, if you are from the Northeast USA, you might be used to better food. However my husband and I travel frequently to all-inclusive and thought the food was above average. We really liked the Pan Asian restaurant and the Oceana restaurant. We didn’t get a chance to eat at the Seaside grill. There never seemed to be a lot of people in one place at the same time, so we never waited for service at any of the bars, and only had to wait one night about 15 min. for dinner.The hotel was clean and the maid service was very good. We did have a few minor problems (TV and slow shower drain). However when we called for service, someone was in our room in 10 min. both times, and the desk always followed up to make sure the service was good and the problem was fixed. Both pools seemed warm to us and were never overly crowded. We liked the bigger pool because you could sit there and still see the beach. The only place we were bothered by the bees was the beach bar, however they congregate around the sliced fruit and sugar water mixture the bartenders put out. The service is a little slow, but you have to remember you are in Mexico and that is the pace they move at. I would urge you to go to San Jose as well as Los Cabos. San Jose is much more of a Mexican City. They have little shops and the streets are cobblestoneand the have a church and Museum to go to. We Liked it better than Los Cabos. There are 2 bars you should try in Los Cabos if you like night life. The first is Squid Roe and the second is The Giggling Marlin. They are busy and fun. My family and I would definetly go back to Dreams again.

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Dreams Los Cabos Chris ~ Ontario, Canada

January 2007

After reading several reviews from those of you who’ve traveled to Dreams Los Cabos, I felt I had to include my opinion. My wife and I traveled here for our honeymoon in September 2005 and thought the resort was exceptional. My review is delayed because I’ve just discovered this page while booking another trip and thought I’d check out Dreams’ reviews for nostalgic reasons. We both thought the food at all restaurants was quite good, particularly the Italian Restaurant where we dined several times, occasionally to live piano and violin music. I will accept the reviews that say “stomach” problems could become an issue, although for myself, I firmly believe that this was due to my taste for Mojito’s with local ice included. Anyone who regularly travels to the Caribbean knows to avoid such things but I simply couldn’t refuse another drink from the bartenders at the Barracuda bar. Particularly since the bar included swings to sit on rather than stools which were a nice touch, mind you, this may have contributed to my false sense of equilibrium while drinking the Mojitos.

This resort is definitely worth the trip if you’re looking for good food and drink while on your vacation. Furthermore, the service was always pleasant and prompt, I’ll visit again.

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Dreams Los Cabos CS – Room 3311

September 2006

My wife and I arrived at the Dreams Resort in Cabo San Lucas on September 17th, 2006 for a week-long stay. This was my fourth week-long trip to Mexico in two years. (I’d also been to Japan earlier this year.) I’d stayed at Bahia Principe in Akumal with my son once and twice at Dreams Tulum with my wife and this was my first ever trip to Cabo. We left home feeling great. I hadn’t been sick with so much as a cold in well over a year and I had never gotten ill in Mexico before.

Upon arriving to the resort my first question to the fellow at the desk who was checking us in was whether or not all the water in the resort was purified. I was assured it was. A few minutes later I was in our room and I had a vitamin pill to take. I took it with half a glass of water from the tap in the sink. Glasses were provided for this purpose.

By the following evening, Monday, I had developed a severe case of diarrhea. The following morning I had the diarrhea combined with nausea. We booked a boat trip to the arch and we took it but all the while I couldn’t wait to get back to our room.

By that night in addition to the previously mentioned symptoms I had developed a fever, body ache and a slight case of the chills.

Wednesday I could barely get out of bed but so as not to completely ruin my wife’s vacation, I followed her to the pool where, after having slept for 12 hours other than the time spent making runs to the bathroom, I found a lounge chair in the shade and slept all day. I went to dinner with my wife nightly but couldn’t eat much of anything. Wednesday I had to run out of Portofino Restaurant due to illness.

To make a long story short, I was sick the entire time we were away. I have now been home for six days and I am STILL waking up with bad stomach pain. Were my regular doctor not having hip replacement surgery I’d have gone to him but getting better daily I decided I’d live after all.

During the time I was sick while laying at the pool a resort employee stopped by to ask me if I was okay. I guess I didn’t look good. When I told her I was not okay but rather that I had gotten seriously ill at the resort the first thing she said was “You didn’t drink water from the sink, did you?” I said I had. She said “Oh, we never drink that water. We always use bottled water.” Upon hearing this I went back to the front desk and said “I’m sick as a dog. I thought you said all the water here was purified.” He replied “It is, but not for drinking!” WHAT is THAT supposed to mean? It’s purified enough to wash your feet in so they provide drinking glasses and no warnings?

The employees are mostly on the same page with regard to how to respond to claims of illness. At least three told me it must be that I’m not accustomed to Mexican food, as if they were talking to an idiot.

During my week of hanging around the resort I met eleven other guests who were seriously ill, all claiming to have gotten sick at the resort and all but one telling me they had either used water that was not bottled or made ice. The other, a woman, claims she never had so much as a drop of sink water. She was on the way to the local American hospital when I spoke with her because she couldn’t stop vomiting.

I felt worst of all for the honeymooners who fell ill at this resort. We were in room 3311. In room 3308 there was another couple, these younger honeymooners. She asked if she could have dinner with us one evening because she didn’t want to eat alone and her husband was unable to get out of bed. I told her I thought that would be a good idea because I wasn’t sure I could make it through dinner and my wife would need someone to eat with but, we never did get together. He ended up saving me from serious trouble because he’d brought Imodium with him and shared some with me. That stopped the diarrhea which was weakening me very fast.

So, I’ve been through much of the world including two African Safaris, a great number of visits to Mexico, all of Europe, Japan, New Zealand, etc and I have never taken ill during travel other than the illness I suffered at the Dreams Resort in Cabo San Lucas. I wouldn’t go to this place again if they paid me.

(Incidentally, if the man who approached me and asked me if I’d be interested in joining him in a class-action lawsuit against the place sees this, contact me at the email address I gave you. I sent a water sample to a local lab for analysis but they said it was “out of range” for testing. They need a sample less than 24 hours old.)

Oh! And as far as a review of this place is concerned: Consider this it.

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Dreams Los Cabos Alberta, Canada

August 2006

As preface to the review, my husband and I are seasoned travelers and usually do two major trips per year. We have been to Mexico numerous times including one previous trip to Cabo, Ixtapa, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and the Mayan. We have also been to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Italy, Greece, Turkey, France, Germany, Denmark, England, Canary Islands and Hawaii.

This is an excellent, smaller property. The staff are very friendly and helpful and contrary to what I read in reviews, they do speak very good English. I would go back, but only for a week because you can’t play in the water. We took America West through Phoenix which worked well and we were able to select the length of our trip with daily flights.

Pros No wristband No reservations for dinner. You are given a beeper if there is a wait. Excellent ala carte food including Italian, Asian and Seafood Top shelf, name brand alcohol including brands like Grand Marnier. House red wine is drinkable (Chilean usually) Infinity pool is beautiful and large with an excellent swim-up bar. Quiet pool also has a swim-up bar They appear to have an exceptional kids program with all day activities. In the evening they will take the kids for supper and a movie while parents get to enjoy their evening meal and once a week they have a sleepover available. Not sure if they charge extra but it didn’t appear to be the case Best sun chairs with padded cushion on sturdy wood wheeled frame Provision of floating mattresses for the pools is a bonus Unique feature in that they project a movie each night on a large screen on the beach The anniversary package was wonderful. Breakfast in bed was OK but the special dinner on the beach and the special turndown service was amazing but I won’t give it away. Make sure that this is booked when the reservation is made and bring a marriage license All rooms have ocean view, some better than others

Nightly guitar player/singer on patio outside main lobby/bar until 11

Cons You can’t go in the ocean as the waves and undercurrent are too strong. You can however go for long walks on the beach As usual, requested a king size bed but didn’t get it Quiet pool was like a hot bath due to the dark concrete The dark pool towels also got scorching hot in the sun Need to cab or bus to go anywhere as 1/2 way between Cabo and San Juan

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Dreams Los Cabos Jay, Renee, Ron and Ellen ~ Pennsylvania

May 2006

This is our 3rd trip to an all inclusive resort having stayed at Iberostar Punta Cana and the Iberostar Parisio Lindo on the Riviera Maya. We were originally scheduled to stay at Secrets Excellence Riviera Cancun but Hurricane Wilma hit the day before we were to leave for our vacation and our trip was cancelled. This is the second time a hurricane has cancelled our trip. We’re giving up trying to travel in hurricane season. We will stick to the spring.

After our trip was cancelled, we quickly booked our trip through Apple Vacations to the Dreams Golf & Spa Resort based on pictures we saw on the internet and the good possibility of great weather.

After booking our trip, we read a couple of reviews on Debbie’s website and some on Trip Advisor that did not sound very good and alarmed us. We immediately called our travel agent and expressed our concern. She read the reviews and called the Dreams Resort who in turn guaranteed her we would have a great time. They were right. We had a great time from the moment we arrived. We were greeted with a cool towel, champagne, and chocolate chip cookies. This resort is under new ownership and for about the past year and a half things were not perfect when the bad reviews were written. The resort is not strictly all inclusive as there are still some time shares at the resort. This was not a problem.

To respond to the bad reviews, the air conditioning worked fine. We did not hear that anyone got sick from the food. There were no odd smells anywhere. The resort looked exactly as it does in the travel books and on the internet.

The room was the best we have ever stayed in with a great view of the pool and ocean. The maid service was above and beyond what we expect with nightly turn down service. If you asked for something, it was delivered immediately upon your request. The entire staff was pleasant and very attentive at all times.

As far as the food was concerned, the themed buffet at the El Patio was nothing to get excited about. However, the themed restaurants were very good. The service was five star, the food quality and variety was four star. They need to add lobster to their menu.

Traveling to Cabo San Lucas was easy and well worth the trip. It’s only 20 minutes away and there is plenty to do there, i.e., fishing, sightseeing, partying.

The resort has a golf desk and will make all your tee times. We had no trouble getting a tee time. We golfed at Cabo Real Golf Course which is only ½ mile from the resort. You get a 10% discount which took it from $260.00 to $234.00. It is $40.00 to rent clubs. I think it was worth it for one time.

We would definitely recommend this resort without hesitate.

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Dreams Los Cabos Bob and Margret ~ Ottawa On, Canada

March 2006

Dreams Lost…Wouldn’t go back

We stayed at Dreams Resort Los Cabos from Mar 13 to Mar 17/06.

Dreams is not a 5+* resort. We were to meet our friends at Dreams, we had booked in, however upon their arrival they were told that the the Hotel had overbooked an were unable to let them stay.
Needless to say this is a major problem since both of our families were suppose to be spending time on vacation together. Dream placed them in a 3* resort 20 minutes away and told us to bad…that is the way it is.

The management was rude and inconsiderate on our problem.

Our friends were not the only group to have this problem, we saw in the lobby many others being turned away.

Dreams ruined our vacation.

Here is a short review on the rest of the stay.

Whale watching was very good…

Ocean Swimming and Snorkelling are not worth the effort, the beaches had strong undertows and were there is snorkelling the water is very cold and little to see. Nowhere as nice as the Caribbean or the Cancun area.

Bar Service was fine.

Food was 4* quality.

Again this is not a 5+* as advertised.

All in all I would not recommend this resort.

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Dreams Los Cabos Pete ~ USA

January 2006

Heres a good one (not) . We have been planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas for our family. My father in law organized and paid for the trip from Chicago last month. We stayed at the Dreams Los Cabos resort. A 5 Apple resort. 14 people went for a trip that we all thought would be the vacation of a lifetime. We got there and everyone was impressed with the Hotel until we got in our room. The all suite resort has a lot of the same problems as other places we have stayed. The swamp coolers in the rooms were terrible. With a 75 degree temperature and 100% humidity, it was like staying in a wet basement. It seems that Mexico hasnt figured out what Air Conditioning is. OK, I’ll jump to the point. 11 of us got very ill at this place. Diareaha, cold sweats, and major stomach cramps.

When we got back to the states (thank God), we found out that we had Salmonella from this place. They said that it probably came from the fruit. Please , please never stay at this place. We were sick for the entire vacation and about 3 days after we got back. Dreams was a real Nightmare!!!

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