Old Reviews – Occidental Caribbean Village Club on the Green

We arrived at Caribbean village club on the green Feb 11 2005, after a great flight from Halifax NS,Canada

Flight- was excellent not a full flight lots of extra room to stretch out

Arrival 9:30am- there was and Air Transat rep waiting for us on arrival very smooth luggage pick up

Arrival at Resort- 10:15 am it was about a 15 min drive to the resort first impression was just as good as the last

Check in- Smooth check in we had our room within 1 hour of arriving room 2025 room was clean and comfortable air conditioner was excellent, make sure you take some face cloths with you as you will not have any when you get there, the maids are very poor and appreciate any gifts you do take for them!

Food- the best we’ve ever had travelling, excellent choices and nice presentation of food we never went hungry everyone made comments on the food, drinks were very well. Pizza and fries hotdog and pasta is served on the beach with all the drinks you want

Beach- about 5 min from resort we were able to go anytime from early morning till 5 PM and beach was in a great distance for a nice walk

Shopping- about 20 min walk from resort was the plaza which is filled full of shops for anything you need, Internet cafes and telephones. We hired a taxi driver to take us to Puerto Plata for the day which cost us 25 US dollars for almost a full day …..tip them well they will stay with you and show you all over the city, make sure you barter wit them they love it. Shopping on the beach was crazy once you buy from one guy selling stuff they all will come over to see you , if you not interested just say no thanks they eventually will get the hint, if u want a good deal tell them cheapy cheapy they will sell you what you want cheap, 30 min walk up the beach are more little huts with souvenirs to buy

Weather- 3 days of rain out of 8 days average temp was 38

Scenery- wonderful mountains surrounding the resort and lovely blue waters on the beaches and a golf course near by, tennis courts and 2 pools

Flight home- 945 PM – great flight home although someone stole a bottle of cologne and left the cover and a pair of jeans our suit case was opened when it came off the plane (they are very poor) we figured someone needed it more than we did

This resort is a must see if your looking for a cheap vacation with tonnes of stuff to do

Returned to Canada on Feb 18 th sunburned by very relaxed and happy

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