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Park Royal Acapulco Melanie ~ Toronto, Canada

February 2006

We travelled to the Park Royal Jan. 17-24. The hotel itself was very nice and in general we had a good time. My boyfriend and I got very sick, he got sick day 2 & 4 and myself day 4. I have travelled to many locations in the Caribbean and I have never been that violently ill. I can assure you I am not a sickly person and this was not a result from too much alcohol. We both were too sick to leave the room and when I called the operator to ask for some assistance with soup/water, she was going to look into it but never called us back….we could still be lying sick in that room for all they know. As you can imagine this put a damper on the trip and I am still suffering. I learned after that there is a pill you can take to avoid this, so look into it with your doctor before you go! Here is an overview of what I consider relevant information:

Rooms: Small but clean and updated. Bring your own hairdryer, the one in the room will not straighten your hair girls! Pools/beach: Pools are very nice. Adequate amount of chairs. The beach is very small but not bad if you just want to feel the sand in your toes and a dip in the ocean.

Restaurants: Not much selection. I was not impressed. I thought because it was Mexico the food would be fabulous but I was really disappointed. You might want to consider going out for dinner a few nights.

Bars: No line ups and the bartenders are willing to make you anything you want. I only sampled a few drinks before getting sick. Then I stuck with soda water and the slushy stuff from the machines at the pool bar. The beer on tap is Corona.

Entertainment: Poolside bingo, water/beach volleyball and karaoke only. If you are looking to be entertained constantly, this is not the hotel for you. There are clubs/discos near the hotel so you have other options available. The cost for entrance to the clubs is $38USpp and drinks are included. We did not get to go because we were too sick.

Staff: A little surprised by the lack of English speaking staff. Of course I was not expecting fluent English speakers but I would have thought with the high tourism in Acapulco and Mexico, the staff would have a better vocabulary. It made it a little difficult at times.

Location: This hotel is built on the hillside so if you have trouble walking or are in a wheelchair, it will be a challenge getting around. They do have elevators and a tram that will take you up and down but they are really slow. The view of Acapulco bay is amazing especially at night. One thing I think people should be warned about is that this is a timeshare property. The timeshare "sellers" will offer you free stuff to listen to their sales pitch. We were asked once if we were interested and after saying no, they left us alone. The "sellers" didn’t bother me but the majority of the people in the hotel are timeshare occupants. We felt that most of the attention from staff was on the timeshare people and they were not so concerned with the others that were just there for one/two weeks. I feel when you are spending big money, you must be treated the same as any other guest.

If you go, you should really see the cliff divers. We saw them by boat and with the half-day city tour organized through our tour rep. It is truly amazing. Acapulco itself is very commercial and not what I expected. We will not be going back.

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