Old Reviews – The Puerto Plata Village Caribbean Resort & Beach Club

Puerto Plata Village, april 6th – 13th, husband, 2 kids and myself. First of all I just want to say that we had the time of our lives. Until this trip we never have taken our kids with us, but felt it was time. This resort was very kid-friendly!! As well, it was adult friendly, we can see ourselves going back here without the kids next year (decided to take them every OTHER year)

check in: greeted with smiles, a cocktail each, very welcoming, efficient, given our key, remote for TV, safe key ($15 for a week) and coupons for a’la carte dining.

our room: we booked superior, but didnt feel it should have been called that. This was the only real downer was our room, double beds (spoiled by bigger I guess), very plain, just too small and ordinary. We have been to other 3 star resorts and have always had better rooms. They did show us the master suite and if we go back next year we get an upgrade to one of those when we book superior. The suite was really nice, VERY spacious, couch, chairs, huge patio with 2sets of doors to it, large fridge better decorated etc….

meals: I am a very picky eater, so its not too fair for me to assess the buffet, because I ate fruit and bread a lot!! My husband loved their pizzeria and mexican restaurants, their breakfasts in the buffet restaurant were great!! French toast, omelets made in front of you, bacon, etc…there were always lots of choices for food there, I found myself really wishing that they had french or ranch salad dressing though….I didnt eat salad all week because I am not fond of vinagarette dressings or italian…..one other item that would have helped my family out would have been HEINZ ketchup!!!! Their ketchup is not good ( in our opinion….we love ketchup!), if we go back next year I am bringing ketchup (packets in purse) and a small bottle of ranch dressing. I had 2 meals in the international restaurant and ordered the steak meal both times, cooked exactly how I liked it and very very good!!!!! Best meal I had there was these 2 steak meals served with mashed potatoes and fresh buttered bread..mmm…

kids club what a godsend!! we brough our kids there a few times, just for an hour each time though, when we needed a little break from them!! They played on the playground, watched english cartoons, played with lego with the childcare provider, she took them for a couple of walks etc, we always tipped her a couple of dollars every time we came and got them.

staff I have never met a friendlier, enthusiastic bunch of staff. They were simply wonderful to all of us!! They are very hard working and courteous, always smiling!!!!! I tipped them as much as I could afford!!! There was one woman that worked in buffet restaurant that was especially sweet to my daughter always smiling and tending to her….she would say good morning and cut up her sausages for her, put ketchup on her eggs for her, etc,,,,all the things that I make her do for herself!!! Her name is Annie, if you are reading this Annie, thank you so much alyssa says she misses you!!!

pool groundskeepers were constantly skimming leaves out of pool , pool was a good size and had great bar tenders serving the swim up bar drinks!! They kept making my kids banana milk shakes, they felt like they were drinking pina colodas like their mom!! pool was clean and well maintained

activities we didnt really take part in too many activities, my husband got coaxed into a beer drinking competition it was hilarious!! he won too!! The activities staff do a GREAT job motivating people and keeping them entertained

In conclusion, we loved this resort and might go back next year!! If anyone needs any info or wants to see a specific photo of resort email me and I will get back to you. lorann17@hotmail.com

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