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well..this started with the landing( the plane – we felt like sardines) out of the movies great pilot for the little space to land on!!!!!!!wow! next the check in, this was not bad.We got a loft two floors with 2 washrooms, great deal…. so first day in …(I’m a plumber by trade) i noticed a drip from the ceiling so i told the front desk..but to my surprise they told me "it’s ok, don’t worry", so i didn’t and my wife and i got a bit of food ( amazing burgers and pizza)went back to the room……oh! like in hell!!! we noticed water out side our room. i opened the door and it looked like real hell. so, i ran up to the 2nd floor to find our suitcase on our bed (great, but who put it there?) the ceiling was on the floor, then i stopped and said to my wife " i think we are not lucky"… so , we went to the front desk and to my surprise they already had a new room for us and started to move our stuff in.. so i went to see the room. the room had ocean view, so i went out on the balcony (and yes i needed a drink)the hotel manager walked in and asked me "what could we do to make you happy" i started to laugh and said " you have go to be joking" well this was just to much for the first day…..but the hotel was great with us……..gave us excellent service and a few gifts( really over and above what was needed)… the place is out of this earth….. like all of Cuba the people are kind and all that . this hotel is for lovers and every others that want to been left alone… paradise…..miles of empty beaches………. i can’t find one bad or even sub par thing from the Barcelo hotel we where there Feb 2007 we are going back in 2008…the same place… also we travel 3-4 time every year………..Cayo Largo the Barcelo hotel will be the sure stop for us.. i love the style of this place and so will you……….you will love it also…….

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