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It’s a wonderful hotel in the heart of the old town! Close to the historic sites and right next to the coastline. Morning or night person you are, you can always have some enjoyment around the hotel within walking distance. The hotel is also a block away from Hotel Raquel, which hosts a great duet bar performance every night. The soprano has a stunningly beautiful voice (when I accidentally passed Hotel Raquel, she’s singing "Time To Say Goodbye" which attracted me to unconsciously walk into the bar). Be sure to check it out if you occasionally get tired of traditional Cuba music. The hotel’s clean and comfortable. My room was newly decorated and furnitured. Everything was way much newer and cleaner than most of the so-called "5-star" hotels in Havana, and cleanness is always my great concern when it comes to hotel choosing. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful, and they spoke fluent English. One girl even brought a USB cable for me from her home, as I lost mine. Breakfast offered a wide range of choices, and it’s by menu instead of buffet. Food was delicious. My only complaint is that the servants were sort of laid back (well, universally true everywhere in Cuba), so be prepared to spend at least an hour on breakfast. It’s nice if you’re on vacation for relax though; grab a book or have a nice morning talk with family or friends. However, if you’re an individual traveler who stays in Cuba only for a couple of days and thus is more concerned with the economy of time, it can be annoying. Internet services were pricey: 6 cuc/hr for cable Ethernet, and 8 cuc/hr for WIFI. They sold out their WIFI passes on the day that I checked in, which was upsetting. Overall, great hotel and great experience staying there! Love it and will definitely return.

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