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I am interested to know how long the flight is from Toronto to Panama? Does Westjet still offer this flight? How does Panama compare to Costa Rica for access to tours? I am considering splitting time between the City and Royal Decameron. What are the must do things while in Panama?

The flight from Toronto to Panama is 5 hours. Then it is 2 hours by bus to the Royal Decameron. We were actually 3 hours getting there due to problems with traffic in Panama City. We found it a very long day of travel considering we left our hotel in Toronto at 4:30 am and arrived at the resort at 5:00 pm. As far as tours go, we didn’t go on any. Our reasoning was that almost all the tours were all day events (10-12 hrs) and we didn’t want to spend any more of our time there on a bus than was absolutely necessary.Happy travelling!


Hi tirednurse, my wife and I were there this past May18th-25th. Yes the flight is a little over 5 hours…and yes, it’s a long travel day.We did fly with Westjet and they were awesome…from the pilots to the flight crew…top shelf service!We spoke to many people who did split their vacation up by spending a few days in Panama City and then going to the RD. Never been to Costa Rica but we did do the Zip lining tour and it was great.Yes, most tours are unfortunately 2 hours drive time but the Anton Valley tour was only 45-50 minutes drive which ironically enough is were the Zip Line tour is held.Had we been down for 2 weeks we might have done more then one tour because who wants to spend some of your vacation doing more driving right!Must do things all depend on what you want to do. We did some research and decided before hand on what we wanted out of this trip. There are price lists for the different tours offered right at the tour desk in the lobbies as well.Hope this helps!


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