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This is a one of a kind experience well managed for 50 years by a fascinating lady and her equally unique husband. Many of their staff have been with them for many years and they work hard to provide their guests with the joy of staying at a premier resort in a lush romantic setting.
The gardens which have been under development for almost 50 years are in a setting that will makre your toes curl with envy.

The rooms whic vary in size from spacious to large all meet a level of cleanliness and comfort that is lacking in many of the worlds better hotels

Restaurants and Bars:: The bar and restaurant comfortable seat between 50 – 75 people and serve a variety of food from local to North American.

The fruit salad at breakfast is to die for and don’t forget to add the passion fruit sauce

Beach/Pools/Grounds:: This is not a beach resort; it is an Eco Lodge located on the side of a hill in the middle of the jungle.

Nothing poisenous to bother about and no lions and tigers or even elephants.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
This is a small island and within a days drive you can reach all of the tourist spots identified in the following address:

Other Comments:: If you rent a car the driving is a challenging but fantastic experience. I suggest you go really slow for the first while, you will never be able to exceed 50km per hour.

A wonderful location in a beautiful island with beautiful people.

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