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jean 2010-01-27 21:12:22 UTC #1

I have a question about parking at the Toronto airport Sheraton Gateway. We booked a room for the night before departure. We’ve never done this before.

They gave me a price that includes 8 days of parking. I believe that means we park in the Terminal 3 lot. The hotel website says to go to Level 5.

Will our 8 days be measured in 24 hours? If our flight gets in at 6:30 on Sunday, will we need to arrive after 8:30 at night to ensure we’re out within 8 days? Do you know what an extra few hours parking would cost?

garym 2010-01-28 03:30:27 UTC #2

Hi Jean

I believe the parking will take effect when you arrive. You will have to take a ticket apon entrance and give it to the front desk when you check in. Any additional parking will cost about $20 – 24 per day.
Have a safe trip.

tigercats 2010-01-28 10:09:49 UTC #3

Hi Jean You will not be parking in Terminal 3 parking garage but rather on the level you mentioned which is the top of the garage with entrance into the hotel from there. It is not covered, so be prepared to clear snow and ice off your car if there has been a storm during your vacation down south. Also the other poster is correct because this happened to us our first time parking there and I had an argument with the exit parking attendant (usually I don’t say anything but I was so pissed at the extra charge) and the cars were lined up behind me honking their horns. Please inquire with the check-in desk upon arrival and make sure that you get everything straightened out before you leave and please keep your check-in ticket from the entrance kiosk handy for when you arrive back from your vacation. You will love the hotel and the convenience of it to the 2 terminals at the airport. You can eat in the restaurant or bar in the lobby of the hotel or walk across the skywalk to Terminal 3 and choose any restaurant there to eat and head back to the hotel for a drink in the lobby bar or go up to your room. Have a fantastic vacation. Happy Traveling


garym 2010-01-28 13:44:16 UTC #4


You hit the nail right on the head … except for 1 thing !!!

Your a “Tigercats” fan.


jean 2010-01-28 14:29:51 UTC #5

I didn’t realize we wouldn’t be in covered parking. This may be enough to make us reconsider the whole thing. Especially now that our flight has been changed to 9am (from 5:30).

How do they know which level you park on?

garym 2010-01-28 15:08:08 UTC #6


There are other options to consider.
Park & Fly: You drop off your car … their shuttle bus will take you to the terminal. ( Sheraton is right at Term 3.) You let them know when you are returning and they will have your car ready for you. You catch the shuttle bus at the terminal and it will take you back to where your car is parked.

Discount Parking: A new parking lot affiliated with the airport. You park your car and take a mono rail to the terminal. It stops right at the Sheraton.

IMHO … I would stay with the parking at the Sheraton. You arrive right there and park. Check in and nothing to worry about, except getting up in time to walk 40 yards into Term. 3 to catch your flight. Your car will be fine, if you have to clean a little snow off of it … it’s well worth the extra convience of not waiting shuttle buses or monorails.

jean 2010-01-28 15:23:21 UTC #7

We’re considering just parking at Terminal 3, in the covered section. No hotel. That will cost $180. The hotel plus parking is $200, so it’s worth it if the parking is the same.

The Viscount Parking lot looks good, too, though. $90 and it’s covered. It will be Hubby’s call – he’s the one who’ll be out in the cold cleaning off the car. He HATES that.

I agree that it’s convenient. Waiting for shuttles to get back to your vehicle on return is dreadful. The monorail is pretty good, though – once you find it.

hula 2010-01-28 19:15:04 UTC #8

You can park on any level you want they just suggest level 5 as it gives you direct access to the hotel lobby. We have parked on level 5 and on other levels with no problems…

greggy 2010-01-28 19:45:48 UTC #9

With that new flight time, I would just consider going early that Morning. We have about the same drive as you . That way you can sleep in your own bed an get a better night’s sleep. Even if you have get up an hour earlier, you get a better sleep at home. Then park in the airport parking across from terminal three. We used the reduced rate lot last year there and it was the best. Now they have just open covered parking there too and have an opening special and it is only a few dolars more than the open air parking. You just walk right onto the link train and it drops you off at the door. The tains run constantly so there is virtually no waiting and on your return, you do not have to go outside, just get back on the train. It’s only one minute ride. This will save you over half the money easily and give you more money to spend on vacation. Now if you had the earlier flight, that’s different


tigercats 2010-01-28 22:12:07 UTC #10

Hi garym Ouch that hurts!!! Oh well, if you have ever been to Ivor Wynne Stadium (go soon as they are building a new stadium for the Pan Am Games and my beloved Tiger Cats – FINALLY!!!) you will have heard the old saying and it goes like this – Argos S__k!!! I hope the ownership gets resolved soon for the Argos and it just might be a Hamiltonian that owns it – David Braley – oh the possibilities. Ti-Cats – Grey Cup Champs for 2010. I think I might be wrong on the parking at the Sheraton Gateway, as I thought you could only park on level 5, outdoors but some other people on this forum are saying otherwise. I wish I had known the few times I had stayed there and only parked outdoors. Happy Traveling


jean 2010-01-29 16:22:43 UTC #11

I sent a message to the hotel, and here’s the reply:

Parking for the hotel is located in the Terminal 3 parking garage which is owned and operated by the airport authority. You may park your vehicle on any level of the parking garage we recommend level 5 to allow easy access to and from the hotel lobby but it is the top floor and is not a covered level. Your parking package includes 8 days of parking each day is 24 hours from when you enter. If you exceed the 8 days parking an additional day charge of $19.08 can be added to your room. Upon arrival at the airport you can head to the departures level of Terminal 3 to our front doors and leave your vehicle briefly if you would like to check in before parking in the Terminal 3 garage.

Thanks for all your input!

djenning 2010-01-29 17:18:46 UTC #12

Take this linked info for what it’s worth,

"yyz2fra-shuttleJan 10, 10, 12:16 pm
As of Friday Jan 8, 2010:

  1. the RRP rate has increased to $15/day
  2. the cashier said no coupon is available for 2010
  3. my 2009 coupon was not allowed (not surprisingly)

I guess they’re trying to pay off the Viscount train/garage…

Time to try Park ‘n Fly???"

djenning 2010-01-29 17:33:33 UTC #13

If you have a Sunquest pckg you can book Courtyard Toronto Airport for 99.00+tx w 8 days parking, king bed suite w sofa by showing your travel docs.

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