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Hi Ladies,I was just wondering how you pay for the wedding at the resort? Can you use a credit card or do you have to use cash? I was just concerned because that is a LOT of cash to have to carry with you.Thanks,Brianne

You can pay either way but we used cash. We carried it in our carry on bag which is never out of our site and then when we arrived and met with Belkis we paid it.

It’s probably the same at all resorts. We paid by cerdit card for the wedding. We had to pay for the photography by cash, be aware of that. We thought would would be able to pay by credit, and we ended up having to use up all of our cash.

Hello, We put the wedding on our credit card and paid for the photographer and videographer with cash. The wedding we took care of the day after, and the photographer and videographer we paid each when they delivered the goods. No problems at all. Cheers,


That’s interesting that you paid for the wedding the day after, we had to pay for it before we even got to check into our room!

Hi, They didn’t seem too concerned about when we paid at all. We "upgraded" a few of the meals and were to have an extra off site guest (who at the last minute couldn’t come), so I think they wanted to tally up any extras at that point. Belkis mentioned paying the next day, after the ceremony- we had to go to the front desk anyway to get our new bracelets anyway- the front desk seemed very casual about it all. When we arrived, it was almost midnight, so no one wanted to worry about money at that point. Best,


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