Picture perfect paradise Varadero – Explore the Caribbean with Debbie

There are some sights that no matter what you’re into on a day to day basis, whether its history, architecture, shopping, reading, writing, brain surgery even, there are some places and visions that are the picture postcard idea of perfect for all. For me, that would be a paradise beach Varadero.  more…

I’m sure everyone has their own idea of paradise, but for me this is white sand, glistening, almost translucent sea, palm trees, colorful marine life darting around the water, a cloudless, blue sky and hot, hot sun. All this should be mixed together with bright night-life, outside areas to explore, colorful marine-life and activities to keep me occupied during the day. Agree? Well the Caribbean is the place to be for the best in the way of beach resorts, and Cuba’s gem in the crown has the upper hand. Varadero is one of Cuba’s largest resorts and it’s no surprise when you consider the glittering beauty it holds, with 12 miles of beautiful coastline to explore. The ideal choice for families, couples or groups, thanks to its truly ‘something for everyone’ vibe, this beautiful resort is still growing, meaning it will only become even better and more action-packed in the future, with a planned golf course amongst some of the future developments. This is all mixed in with Cuba’s famous musical, laid-back vibe, with friendly locals making your time away memorable for all the right reasons. Varadero sits on the Hicacos Peninsula, between the Bay of Cardenas and the Straits of Florida. It’s easy to spot this resort from a map, as it is a thin, jutting piece of land, only 1.2km wide at its widest point. This means no matter where you go, you’re never far from a stunning beach!

Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport will be your first glimpse of Varadero, serving the area and its countless visitors every year.

More than one million tourists flock to the paradise resort of Varadero year upon year, and it is steadily growing in popularity even more. Many all inclusive hotels are based in the resort, which is a fantastic and affordable option for families, as all drinks and meals are included, and children can drink as many soft drinks as they want, without running up a hefty bill. This is what makes Cuba more affordable and accessible to all budgets, meaning more of us can experience the natural beauty of this part of the world. At the far north-east of the peninsula lies a nature reserve that could certainly double as something out of Castaway, with deserted beaches and lush, green forests, boasting all manner of flora, fauna and wildlife. The Hicacos Point Natural Park is a must visit, and an important ecological preserve. Here you’ll find colorful and rare birds, reptiles and beautiful flowers. Also to be explored is the Cave of Ambrosio and Mangon Lake, as well as La Calavera, one of the first salt works to be constructed in the New World. These natural wonders are the kind of sights you must see to believe, and on any holiday you need to do these things! It’s all very well and good lying on a beach all day but at the end of your break, your photos will thank you for a bit of greenery and nature, alongside those pictures of you looking stunning in a bikini!

Varadero is mostly about the beach however, yet there are some stunning cays just off shore, begging to be visited. Cayo Piedras and Cayo Cruz del Padre are the nearest and very easy to reach. For a real castaway moment, this is where you need to be heading! The water is the brightest blue you can ever imagine.

In summary, Varadero is the best of a beach holiday, with almost guaranteed sun, the most amazingly beautiful beaches and a vibrant night-life scene when the mood takes you, with nearby towns and cities to explore when you need a break from the beach. Nature is all around you in Varadero and with the lush greenery and vast array of wildlife nearby, both underwater and on land, you can be assured of seeing something truly mind blowing on a daily basis.

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