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I would never recommend or return to this resort. I just returned from the Playa Blanca in Cuba and can reassure you that this is not a four star resort. The service was poor, food is covered in flies, the smell of sewer fills the main buffet area which makes eating there undesirable, rooms very musty smelling, make sure you bring disinfected spray to put in the vents and open doors constantly to let the fresh air in, staff don’t speak or understand English very well, if you speak French they will be able to communicate to you, bathrooms have no paper towels, toilet paper sometimes, and soap the odd time, overall the bathrooms are dirty. The pictures that you see on the internet do not show the resort accurately. The pool area does not have railings around them, there is no grassy areas just sand, no fountains, etc………….. I went to this resort based on the pamphlet from the travel agent that said it was a four star resort and the nice looking pictures. Lets just say a picture is worth a thousand words but in this case a picture is not from what this resort looks like today. The best part of our vacation there is the massages we received and the people we met. If you are going to Cayo Largo go to the Sol. We toured the resorts on the island and would go there in a heart beat. The management says to give them a year and half and the resort will be nice. In the meantime I just spent money on a resort that was suppose to be a four star and it’s not. I could have easily went to a two star resort for a fraction of the money and received the same service and quality.

Room Number:

Arrival: February 8th -15th

Rooms: Musty smelling Dirty Bathrooms lack hot water, a door stop in front of toilet which is a safety hazard, No dressers to put clothes away Walls need painting

Very out dated

Restaurants and Bars: Main buffet smells like an outhouse Flies all over the food Service by wait staff poor Table clothes dirty and stained Food the same every day

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Beaches are beautiful Pool is cold No grassy areas just sand palm trees need trimming to remove dead leaves

Gardeners willing to sell you things instead of working on maintaining the grounds

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Things to do but hard to do as instructions are not given in English to often. They cater to French speaking Canadians. When you inform them that English is our native tongue they walk away. a must see is the sea turtles in town. The bad part is the fella doesn’t speak English so not sure exactly what information he had to share.

Other Comments:
save yourself money and just go to a two star resort as this is definitely not a four star resort like it is promoted to be. I was very disappointed with this place. I am a very simple person with a simple taste. I never imagined that simply asking for hot water, clean room, and a clean place to eat was asking for a lot. It is at this place.

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