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My husband and I just returned from a week at the Oasis cayo Coco_june 30-July 7. I had read reviews from other travelers before I left and was a little apprehensive. I am glad to say that I found the resort to be quite nice and that these complainers are nuts!. Nothing fancy, but great for a week of sun and sand and relaxation and a very good price/good value for your money. We were apprehensive about it being the rainy season, but it never rained. It was extremely hot but that was good because it forced me to "chill" so the speak. Just swam and hung out for the most part. The beach was amazing, miles of white sand and the water was clear and super warm. You could stay in it for ever and never get a chill. The snorkeling was great, you can walk right out from buildings 4 and 5 and there are tons of fish there. You can actually see fish with your naked eye, they are so plentiful. The staff were really good, friendly and helpful. One of the best staffs I have encountered on a resort. The resort was only 1/3 full so he service was especially good.I t also allowed for plenty of mixing amoung guests, you got to know people because the place was not crowded. There is something to be said for going off season, for these reasons. The food at the beach bar was good and we especially liked the pizza there. The 24 hr snack bar was good too, we liked the ham and cheese s/w. The Japenese restaurant was really great and I enjoyed the pasta at the Italian. The fish restaurant was gloomy and had no atmosphere and mediocre food. The buffet was adequate but nothing to write home about. But you don’t have to eat much in the heat anyway, and there was always fresh fruit and bread and fish, so you can get by. I really dislike it when I hear spoiled tourists behaving badly -if you want North American or European food and standards stay home. We need to be respectful of someone else’s country and realize that you are travelling in a poorer country and what you get at the resort is luxury compared to how many people in the country live. It just sounds horrid when people go on about about how things are not good enough for them. It makes us all look like spoiled self centered ingrates and it is embarrassing to hear some tourists go on. We stayed in building 4 on the 3rd floor and had an ocean view. We were really suprised to see the cows that roam around the island and show up on the resort to graze in the nights. For the price I would recommend this resort for families or couples and would especially recommnd going off season like we did. just watch your manners!

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