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This was the most frustrating vacation that my wife and I had gone to. We picked Cuba this time to experience the Cuban vacation that the ads are talking about, but it turnrd out to be a dreadful experience. The food was awful. My wife and tried all the courses in the menu and we were so terribly disappointed with overall quality of the food. The beef was like leather, the pork was so tough that we had to cut the meat in small portions to make it easy to chew, and the chicken was rubbery-like. At the beach bar/restaurant, we ordered a hot dog and to my amazement, it came in a dinner roll rather than a hot dog bun. We came back on Saturday, june 11 and my stomach is still recovering from the hamburger which was a big mistake for me trying it. On one of the dinner time on Thursday, I ordered a spaghetti with meat sauce, only for the waiter to come back and we were told that they do not have it. Sio, I opted for the sauge pizza, but lo and behold, they were out of it too. So what’s the point of having them on the menu. The wine was the cheap kind unless you want to pay extra for a premium kind. There was no diet cola. The mosquitos(and there was millions of them) were terrible. My wife had to get some medication as soon as we came back, thank God.

Room Number:

Arrived on the evening of June 4,2011, Saturday at approx. 8PM and by the time we got settled in our room, the buffet restaurant was closed and there was absolutely nowhere to buy food especially for a diabetic like me.

The room(#4207 in the purple building) was decent and clean. However, you cannot watch TV and fall asleep because I had to get up just to turn the TV off. The remote was not working. We tried to brew coffee at night only to find out that the coffee machine was not working. The pillows were too small, a 4 star plus can surely provide for a better pillow. We came to Cuba to relax and getting a good night sleep was a struggle. The toilet was not bad. You have to call and request for toilet tissues, what’s with that? The maid was very courteous and helpfull but she was only able to do so much with what was available.

Restaurants and Bars:
My wife and I do not drink( we might as well drank to get our money’s worth). The bar at the pool side was ok. We tried the pina colada, however, there was no margaritas available and we were told that we can get them in Mexico(and that is were we are going back again)unfortunately. Like I said, the restaurants were nice, too bad they served awful food.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Beach was beautiful. Tere was lots of beach lounge chairs. My wife and I totally enjoyed the sunshine from Sunday to Tuesday, and then the rain came down everyday from thereon, and that’s when all the mosquitos appeared. It was so difficult to stay outside at anytime because of the mosquitos. We had mosquito bites all over our faces and exposed body parts. I had terrible welts on my arms and face due to my slapping the bugs and you can see the blood after you hiy them.

The pool was beatiful. The grounds are well kept and flowers everywhere.

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