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Just got back from here. Both myself and my wife absolutely loved everything! The food was fantastic, the entertainment was fun, the staff were amazing and fun. Had gotten the wrong room on the day we arrived so we went to the costumer service desk and were seen to right away. Unfortunately the resort was full to capacity but as soon as the room was available they called and let us know. It only took a night for the room to be fixed up, which i thought was very reasonable given the circumstances. We were treated awesome by everyone on staff! Let’s face it, until you have a problem you don’t really know how the service is. We give it a 10 out of 10 and we will be returning!!

Room Number:

March 24 Impressed right away! All smiles 10/10

Really nice, really clean and comfotable 10/10

Restaurants and Bars:
The food was by far the best we have ever eaten in the D.R. Secound only to the staff ( at the buffet especialy) Enjoyed being greeted by "Mecedes" daily with a smile and laugh! 11/10*

Nice and clean! Not crowded at all, which was super! Bartenders were super nice to us. Thank you Nelson and Kenyia! (to name just 2) 11/10*

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Enjoyed the archery and the evening entertainment. Really loved the way they took time each day to sit and chat with us. That kind of personal touch is really special. All of the entertainers really went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

Thanks Josie,Ernest, "Harry Belefonte" (you know who you are!) and the many others. 11/10*

Other Comments: The resort is just as it was advertised, which is first class. The advetisements attracted us to The Punta Cana Princes, but the staff will bring us back! Over and over again. We felt like royalty all the time we stayed, and felt like CRAP when we had to leave! Oh well we will see you again! Next year we are taking our children and will be staying at The Caribe! Hope we can stop by and say hello!

P.S. Other resorts could learn from you guys

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