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Hi monctonguy, thanks for your response.I read that in a few spots on the web, can’t remember exactly where.Yes, apparently there are not mini-bars in the rooms (4.5* AI resort – one would think they had them), and if one wants bottled water it’s suppose to be available from a store. I heard that Jamaican tap water is safe to drink, but still … everytime my 2-year old wants to drink, or even us, we need to run to the bar to get some water.I hope this is not true.
Hi, we’ll be going to the Sunset Beach Resort and Spa in Montego Bay and I have just heard that they do not have any mini-fridges in rooms and do not provide bottled water. Water can be bought at the gift shop instead.I am very disappointed because we are going to be there with a 2-year old who needs water more often than us adults.Can anyone provide any details on this? Is this true thay do not give out bottled water like in Mexico or Cuba?
Hi, this will be our first trip to Jamaica. We’re staying for 2 weeks at the Sunset Beach Resort & Spa in Montego Bay, with our 2-year old. From looking at the photos he will probably have a blast at the waterpark.I anybody has been there, can you please share with me your experience? How’s the beach, the pools, the service, food? Are there any excursions to see falls that would be managable to take our kid with us (he’s got use to long travelling).Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks,Holly
I am writing to warn everyone about booking vacations offered by Sunwing. I will never book any trip that is operated by this company and you should stay away from them too.We have experienced a terrible customer service on our departure because of a flight delay. Here is the store. We were on our flight back to Edmonton from Holguin, and our plane was scheduled to stop in Saskatoon at around 11:30 pm to drop off some passengers. We stopped, Saskatoon passengers got off, and shortly after, all who were continuing to Edmonton were told that there would be a slight delay because there was a problem with an electrical part. After waiting for another half an hour, we were told that we needed to get off the plane because the part had to be replaced. That is fine, we appreciate the safety concern. We were asked to take all our carry on belongings, go through customs and pick up our checked luggage. After that we were left at the airport and asked to wait for an announcement. That was after midnight. Passengers were tired; there was was couple with an infant. The only thing we could do was to sit in the chairs in the airport hallways or lie down on the floor.After waiting about 2 hours, we were told that the new part for the airplane was located and that we would be hearing another announcement in about a half an hour. Another 2 hours past and we heard nothing. Then some passengers found out that the missing part was coming from Calgary and would arrive in Saskatoon by 6:00 am. I am not sure if that was true because there was no official announcement from the airport or Sunwing customer service (no announcement at all). However, shortly after learning this news, the airport reps told us that we had to check our luggage and get new boarding passes because the plane would be ready for departure at 6:00 am. We were offered Tim Horton’s meal vouchers and if we wanted the meal, we had to wait in a line for about 1 hr as all the passengers lined up as soon as Tim Hortons opened. Then after 5:00 we had to go through security check in order to board the plane. We were kept waiting at the gate because the airport had too many planes leaving and they were not able to allow us on board.After waiting until about 7:30 am, we were told that we would not be leaving Saskatoon after all, and that we had to get back to the main hallway and pick up our checked luggage again, and wait for whoever knows happens next. Supposedly the crew that was waiting with us was too tired and we had to wait for a new crew. This was at about 8:00 am.For all this time (since midnight) we were left to ourselves to sit like dogs in the airport hallways. Then we were told that the replacement crew would be arriving by ground transportation from Regina and that we should be leaving Saskatoon around 1:00 pm. We were also told that hotel rooms might be provided pending on availability (! what’s the point of offering a hotel room for a couple of hours after keeping passengers at the airport for the entire night!!!???) It turned out that a couple of rooms only were available so whoever wanted, could go the hotel – note that it was well below -20 degrees Celsius outside and none of us had proper winter clothing as we kept it at the airport in Edmonton.Once again, we had to drop off our checked luggage and were provided with some crappy meal vouchers for lunch. The Saskatoon airport does not even have any lounges so we had to wait in the hallways and sit in the chairs or walk around, or lie down on the floor until about before 12:00 pm when we finally were told that we could go through security check for the second time.After that we were finally allowed to board the plane which took off at 12:55 pm. We got to Edmonton by 1:00 pm, after being sent back and forth through security checks at the Saskatoon airport, after being left poorly informed and without a place to sleep for the entire night.To compensate us for the inconvenience, ‘wonderful Sunwing’ gave us travel vouchers for $150/person that can be used within the next calendar year, travel must be booked at least 45 days prior to departure and cannot be combined with any other offer. That’s ridiculous, because we are not going to travel with them again and so will not be able to use the b-s travel vouchers.Further, after we went through security check in Holguin to board the plane to Canada, we bought a 1 liter bottle of run in the duty free shop. Since it was bought after going through security check, the carry on 100ml per bottle/container limit did not apply so we were good to go, and obviously we had the bottle in our carry on luggage. In Saskatoon, we could not re-pack the bottle to our checked luggage as we had no room. However, when we went through security check in Saskatoon, they would not let us carry it on the plane and we had to dump it even though we explained that it was bought after going though security check in Holguin and that it was not our fault that we had to get off the plane in Saskatoon. The bottle was a gift, now it is gone because Sunwing made us go back and forth through security checks. Who is going to pay for that?They also advertise their planes as having TV screens on the back of each seat, like Air Canada or WestJet. That is a lie – they have the old TV screens attached to the ceiling, every few rows. Their meal service is crappy.Furthermore, when we got Playa Costa Verde, our hotel room was not ready and we were told to wait for about 1 hour in the lobby. When we finally checked in and were given the key, it turned out that they were not programmed properly and we could not open the door. They had to call in the repairman and we had to wait another hour for him to re-program the key twice in order for them finally to work. We had problems with getting clean towels on three occasions and had to call the front desk to finally have them brought to our room in the evening. When we complained at the front desk we were told that they were busy and that we had to wait for the towels. Overall, it was not a pleasant experience and not a 4 star service as Sunwing described on their website.We have e-mailed Sunwing with our complaints but after a week we have not heard any response. So, we are proceeding to post this review for them on every possible travel forum and/or discussion board.

Do NOT book with SUNWING!

We are planning to go for 2 weeks all inclusive with our 6 month old son in December. We would like to go to Margarita Island. Anybody can share their knowledge about staying with infants on Margarita?

Lin04, yeas, it’s too bad that they are not allowed any luggage. We will be in a similar situation, as we will be taking our 8 month old to Grand Bahia Tulum for Christmas. But, I’ve done a tiny bit of research and looks like we are allowed to bring a diaper bag and baby food on board as an extra piece, and so I’m planning to take a really oversized shoulder bag and use it as ‘the diaper bag’, stuff it with some of the heavier but smaller items, like baby food (although my little one will be still mostly on breastmilk). Then, there is the stroller/playpan free allowance – most airlines will take these free of charge – check with yours. So, if you have cover bag for your stroller or playpan, I would just find a box the size that would fit in the bag, put some toys, diapers, etc in it, and then pack it in the playpan bag. It may work
Thanks everyone for your feedback.
A few more questions please – Are credit cards widely accepted at the resort (and at other venues)?- Is bottled water freely available at the resort? what brand do they offer?- How are the a’la cart restaurants? The best one? The worst one?- Would it be safe to take a taxi to the Tulum ruis and do you recall how much is it? Or, maybe the hotel has shuttles going there?- Did anybody do any scuba diving excursions out of the resort? Do you recall the price?

Thank you!

Sasha and Jake, thank you for your feedback. Well, we have booked our stay at the Bahia for Christmas – I’m so excited because it will be our first trip to Mexico, but also a bit scared as it will be our first time travelling with our 7 month (then) baby. I have more questions if you don’t mind.

We’ve booked a room in the Diamond Club section as it was only $200 difference from the regular rooms — is it worth? I guess there is no turning back now but still I would like to know how is the Diamond Club area.

Do you recall how much was the in-room safe?Do we ‘panically’ have to guard our stuff (camera, etc) while by the pool or on the beach (or even in the room)? We had no problem leaving our camera in a sack with some clothes and sunscreen at the pool and going to the bar in Cuba, Dominican or Costa Rica. But, I’ve heard that theft is pretty bad in Mexico.Do they offer any day trips to the Chichen Itza and how much are those? Well, for that one, my husband is saying that we should go separately, that is – he will go one day while I stay with our baby at the resort, and then I will go the next day while he babysits. The reason is that he does not want to take our son for such a long trip which he says may be insecure (sigh) – he is afraid of kidnappers, etc. I would rather have the three of us go together. Is my husband exaggerating? How is it with safety issues down there?Another related questions is about going to the Tulum ruins. I’ve heard those are very close to the hotel and that there is no point in buying an excursion there, that people can travel there themselves. I’d like to heard your feedback on that too. Would it be safe to take a taxi? Or maybe they have hotel shuttle that goes there?How is the beach area? Is it very rocky? How is the water? Is it usually calm? Is it good for snorkelling? How are the pools? Very crowded?

I was just reading previous posts about perks for returning visitors. Do you think they would still consider us ‘returning’ if we stayed at the Bahia in another place , or does it have to be this particular hotel?

Thank you very much for all information you can share with me.

We want to book our Christmas vacations at this place (will be traveling with a 7-month old kid). Has anybody been there? Is it a nice place? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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