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We have stayed at both the Grande and the Regency. The Grande is a much smaller resort, where as the Regency is laid out over quite a bit of space. Both are great. The Grande is newer and more intimate due to its layout. The Regency is in the process of being updated. If cost isn’t a factor, stay at the Grande and visit the Regency. If cost is a factor do it the other way around. No matter where you end up, you’ll have a wonderful holiday. You can’t go wrong with either. You don’t have to be a golfer to stay at the Regency. The Regency has 3 pools and the Grande has two.

We found there was more going on at the Regency especially by the activities pool and more going on in the evenings. Grande is again, more intimate. Enjoy.

No matter where you end up you made a great choice with St. Lucia – it is simply a very beautiful island. Lush, green, hilly, scenic and warm. If you are staying up by Rodney Bay – there is a lovely breeze off the bay during the day. The only draw back that we can see (being there twice in 11 months) is the drive from the airport to the hotels as most hotels are in the north end of the island and the airport is near the south end. 1-2 hour trip – going by van one way is good because you really do get to see most of St. Lucia, however, when we go back we would book the helicopter trip to take us to the north end of the island, much quicker. Another great way to see the island!!
Enjoy yourselves, you deserve it and you’ve made a great choice with St. Lucia. Wish we were going back. We were at the Grande Feb 4 -11…a distant memory now.

We are going Feb 4-11 so I’ll let you know about renovations after we return. I will post it on this forum.The only rooms that don’t have a balcony at the regency are the deluxe rooms (unless this was part of the renovation). We stayed in one last March. Nice room but no balcony. We had 2 huge windows that had shutters that we could open. We do prefer a balcony. Friends of ours stayed in a superior room near the pool (in the hotel section). This room was similar to ours with a balcony. Had 2 chairs and a table on it and room to hang your wet clothes. Their room seemed a bit brighter to ours just because of the balcony/door.Their room was really central to everything which was handy. Ours was quite a walk (which we did need with all we ate and drank).The deluxe and superior rooms are a good size – have a coffee maker and coffee (coffee mate), hairdryer, lots of closet space and a safe. Bathroom has bright lights. The kingsize bed was comfy too. We booked into a grand luxury honeymoon room (I have no idea what that means – but I know it has a balcony) There are theme nights. One night there is a beach party where there is a buffet on the beach and they have a steel band that plays. There is a manager’s party in the early evening one night by the main pool. They have a seafood and martini midnight buffet one evening in the Pavillion restaurant area where they have the nightly entertainment. I’m sure they have more themed nights but we were probably eating elsewhere than down at the main Pavillion when this would have been going on. You could find all of this out when you arrive. They give you lots of info upon your arrival. Including a fruit/alcohol drink, your toiletries, map, safe key. I’ll post on here when we get back to let you know if the renovations are done. They were to be done by the end of December and I know this has been posted as a concern on the tripadvisor forum as well.
Friends we met while there last March stayed in the luxury room near the busier pool on the 2nd floor. The room was nice and similar to ours, only it had a balcony. We had a deluxe room without the balcony – which we really missed.This time (Feb 4-11) we booked a grand luxury room. I have no idea where in the resort these types of rooms are but I am sure they will be just fine. Really most people aren’t in their rooms too long – we found the bed comfortable enough. There is lots of closet space (most are walk-in) with extra shelves, a safe. They supply a coffee pot and coffee, cups and a hairdryer. We don’t take milk in our coffees but I think there was coffeemate or something like that.While down at the swim up bar near the busy pool as for Glen the bartender to make you one of his "Gspots." Great fruity drink (I’m sure full of lots of booze and calories-but wonderful.We really enjoyed it at the Regency, that is why we are going back 11 months later. Our friends enjoyed the golf there and we loved the snorkelling excursions. If you have any other questions just ask here.
I’m not sure if you can go for 10 days out of Toronto but our travel agent Tracy R at (now selloffvacations) is very helpful.We have gone and are going back to the Sandals Regency. It really depends on what you want out of your vacation. Sandals Grande is more money but a newer resort and on a beach you can swim and do water sports on. At the Regency the red flag is posted quite often but the pools are great there – and there is golfing if you are into that. We enjoy the Sandals experience. Could you write on this forum if you happen to get 10 days to a Sandals? might be helpful too. They have 10 day vacations that you can view on-line.

Happy searching.

Hi there -If you don’t get any information on "grandpa" we booked with Yason a nice young gentleman who picked us up at the Regency, had a cooler full of cold beverages and took us out for about 6 hours out to see all the sites he thought we should see. Castries, The Pitons, the active volcano, the botanical gardens (we had to pay to get into the volcano for their tour and the gardens). We drove partially through the rainforest. There were 6 of us and he charged us 70.00 per couple (drinks included) We had a clean, airconditioned Mercedes van. He will also take you to the "Jump up" or Fish fry and walk near you and keep an eye on you and return you to the hotel. (You’d have to check the price – he offered this to us but we decided to stay at the hotel).His number is 285-6112. A really nice young man and he is very informative.See you at the Regency.

I also understand that it is being renovated. It is quite a large resort so they are doing this in stages. You could try emailing the hotel directly and see if they would give you the low down. We went in March 05 and we are returning Feb 06. We love this hotel, renovations or not. Great food, top notch drinks, good entertainment. There certainly is something special about sipping champagne and orange juice at breakfast looking out over the water to see the island of Martinque in the distance. The staff at Sandals Regency are wonderful.

We just got back from St. Lucia – stayed at the Sandals Regency. I will write my review and post it.St. Lucia we feel is the most beautiful island we have seen to date. It is lush and beautiful. Lots of mountains, bays, fabulous friendly locals. It is a little heaven on earth. The beach at the Regency is brown sand but still a nice beach. The sand at the Sandals Grande is white sand – a nice beach too. I can’t comment on other hotel’s beaches. The water is turquoise and bath tub warm.You can rent a car, be advised they drive on the opposite side of the road, opposite side of the car and they like to drive quickly. I don’t need that kind of challenge on my holidays but kuddos to you if you do this.American cash is accepted and there are ATM’s in the bigger towns/cities. There was a Bank of St. Lucia, a Scotia bank and a Royal Bank of Canada that we saw.We did a tour of the island with a gentleman named Yason. Very informative and reasonable. We went to Marigot Bay, Souffriere, The Pitons, Anse Le Raye, The Botanical Gardens and waterfalls and the Drive In volcano in a 6 hour tour. Great day out and you see a lot of St. Lucia. We drove through part of the rain forest as well.We snorkelled twice and saw lots of interesting fish.You can do lots of side trips or nothing at all. There are shopping trips, jungle tours and catamarans to the island of Martinique plus lots more to see and do.We did a semi submerged submarine tour which was really neat. Enjoy your vacation – you will have a wonderful time – you are choosing St. Lucia.
What a refreshing, honest review. A great read.I too was getting anxious about the reviews that were coming in, however, yours and a few others in the last little while have been really positive. You are very informative and I do appreciate your honesty and descriptive words.Your photos are great too.

Thanks and we are looking so forward to our holiday in St. Lucia at the Sandals Regency in March.

I would suggest as well, keep checking the travel websites. I found it on or check with your travel agent periodically. They may do this again or it may be offered to other Sandals resorts. A friend of mine went over New Years to the Sandals in Ochos Rios for 1500.00 per person all inclusive with taxes.Just be diligent in checking. I’m obsessive about it (at least that is what my husband says) but then again, if I wasn’t we wouldn’t be going away in 4 more sleeps to this Sandals!!If I see anything in my continual checking, I’ll post it here too.
Thank you for posting your review. I look forward to reading it. We are looking so forward to seeing St. Lucia, staying at the Regency and getting away from the snow and cold. I looked at your pictures and thank you for sharing them. They are beautiful and inspiring. Really can’t wait to go now. Only 23 more sleeps. Can I ask a question about coffee – I would imagine that it would be tasty being a region with mountains, that they would have flavourful coffee. Did you drink the coffee and what did you think of it? We usually buy some from everywhere we go and look forward to our morning java (and late night java too so we can stay up past 9:00 pm!!)Thanks again.
Thanks for the info on "Jump Up." I had read up on it and they did say not to bring lots of cash, flashy jewellery and such.When we were in Puerto Vallarta we went to a music festival on the Malecon with the locals and it was absolutely so much fun. That is what going to another country is all about. I have checked out the Sandals website and just about every website and book on Sandals resorts!! My husband says I am obsessed with it. From our travel agent I understood that the departure tax was already included in our price going to the Sandals resort through Air Canada. You might want to call your travel agent.We booked on Boxing Day when I noticed that the price had come down really low. It is great to get such a good deal. We are really looking forward to getting out of the cold…even for 1 week.

Enjoy your week away and I look forward to your review when you return.

I would be interested in reading your review as well. We are going March 5 to 12. We booked over Christmas time when the price dropped really low for a deluxe room. I have read lots of mixed reviews too, but we are going to go with an open mind. We have been to many AI’s and we have always had a great vacation (even when things go wrong, like illness). Its what we each make it isn’t it?Please post your review.Are you going to go to the Gros Islet "Jump UP" on the Friday night? It sounds like a lot of fun.Enjoy yourselves…remember you aren’t working. You are relaxing, getting heat and sunshine for one glorious week.
Sandals will take credit cards, cash, travellers checks as payment. When you first arrive they take an imprint of your credit card and your excursions will be billed to that unless you state otherwise. You had also asked about the restaurant reservations. We stayed at the Regency and we are going back in 2 weeks. Just make the reservations the day you arrive – and if you can’t get into a place on the day you’d like, call the restaurant that evening and see if there is space. Most likely there will be space. Don’t worry about this – plans change while on vacation and everything works out in the end. We prebooked our reservations before going last March to the Regency through one of the concierge gentleman and we ended up cancelling some reservations because we met some great people and did other wonderful outings instead.

You made a great choice – so please stop worrying.

We just returned from Breezes Jibacoa – I arranged prior to leaving a private tour to Havana for 14 of us. I arranged it through Jorge who came highly recommended on tripadvisor. I am so glad I emailed him. The drivers (2 vehicles for all of us) were prompt in picking us up at our hotel (9:00 am) and we met Jorge and our 2 guides in a designated spot. Both guides spoke exceptional English and gave us a great, personalized tour of Havana. I had told Jorge what we were looking for in this tour and his folks delivered. Our tour guides were Alex and Dania. We had lunch at a private restaurant and the food was fantastic. We also picked the length of our tour and we were back at the hotel at a reasonable time and managed to take in everything we wanted to see and then some. It was less cost than the organized tour you could purchase through the hotel and much more personal and I’m sure more informative. We ran into a woman in Havana who was also staying at our hotel and she said the lunch on the organized tour was awful and they didn’t have time to shop. I did notice quite a bit that when our group would enter a place and there were other tour groups there, the people would be listening to our guide because she explained a lot and answered lots of our questions. I highly recommend Jorge. He can be reached through his email
[email protected]Enjoy – and leave the organizing to him – he won’t do you wrong.

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