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No, the ice cubes at Decameron are made with purified water. Be careful outside of Decameron.

We were there for 2 weeks Nov 24-Dec 8 and did not have any vaccinations. I spoke to my Doctor who said as long as I was careful on what I ate nothing was needed. Obviously do not drink the tap water and if out do not have anything with ice cubes as they are made from tap water. We never had any issues.

I just came back and believe me, give them a dollar or two and they will be more than extremely happy. We always tipped for the room and the person serving us during the meal. If you bring gifts they need to get special vouchers filled out and you can’t always know what they will need.

Hi,We’re planning on taking the Arts & Crafts tour, could anyone give me an idea of roughly what prices for items are? I realize it would be a wide range, but let’s say for a shawl or blanket? Or perhaps for little knick knacks you’d bring back for family or friends? The prices confuse me a bit as I see the tours are let’s say $40/person and yet I see a water park where admission for kids is $2. Just trying to figure out what the pricing in the country itself is as opposed to tourist pricing I guess.


Is this per person? There’s 4 of us so I want to make sure I put away $160 if needed then.

Thanks! I’ll give them a call. Another question, they keep occurring to me as we get closer. Has anyone had issues of stuff disappearing from their safe? We’re thinking of bringing cash only, no credit cards, which would me over $1000 in the safe, would you recommend that or would you think it’s just safer to go with credit cards and a small amount of money? The exchange is so horrible and we have US cash that we’d rather take that. What about cameras and stuff too? Have people had to worry about theft on the resort?

Hi,Anyone have any idea how much it is to have someone come and spend the day with you at Royal Decameron Salinitas? We’re thinking of bringing the child we sponsor plus her brother and mother. Also the representative from Compassion would be there. They would be there basically for lunch and part of the afternoon?

Thanks! ;D

That’s exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Thanks so much!

We’re also looking to invite a couple of people to spend the day with us at the resort, any idea how much that is? Basically it would be the little girl we sponsor through Compassion, her mom, brother and the Compassion representative.

Yes we’re thinking Mayan tour should be ok, it seems that it’s not that difficult and I believe the Arts & Craft tour should be fun. Although not quite sure of what to expect or prices of the actual items for sale. I was also wondering if they take Traveller’s Cheques at the hotel or should I do credit card instead?

Hi,This is going to be our first all inclusive vacation. Leaving from Montreal. It’ll be the 2 of us, 2 kids (11 and 5) and my mom. Any tips, dos, don’ts and particularly any tour info? We would like to take a couple of tours, the arts & crafts and mayan one. Any idea how much these are? Any info would be greatly appreciated. ;D


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