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I have started to notice some deals here and there…..out of Halifax anyways there are quite a few options around the $1000 mark tax in, even some to Mexico and DR for that range now…fingers crossed now that everyone who has a March/Spring break comming up has probably mostly booked and made vacation plans, we will see the demand start to go down a little and some seats start to show up at a little lower price….

Still looking here….

I would only take out with me the minimum amount of money I need for a cpl days at a time.Visit a bank machine every few days and take out the cash you need to get through the next couple of days. That way you can carry it on you and if it did get stolen its not the end of the world.

Yes you may pay a few dollars in fees each time, but better than the risk right?!

Nahhh, 20 min tops into town on the Doubledecker tourist bus Really? Do they have an express bus?..hahaI don’t think its 20 mins. I am saying its usually closer to 45 mins depending on how many stops it makes along the way back to town.My guess is it would closer to about a 3hr experience for each meal. By the time you leave your room, walk to the busstop pick up area, get the bus into town, sit down,order and eat, then wait for the bus back to the resort it would be close to 3 hrs, 2hr minimum at the very least.Can’t imagine doing that 2-3 times a day, every day!

That being said, I have seem some good deals recently on the EURO plan, that even when you add the $42/day CUC charge for the AI, its cheaper than the average 3-4star resort!

I am guessing its the same as what you call self catering in the UK?! It means no meals or drinks included. SO your on your own to buy and prepare your own drinks and meals…or you can purchase them by the each, or you can pay each day for an AI package…around $42 CUC from what I have heard now.

I miss GOM and Busman – 2 real arguers – Wow…I don’t know about GOM, but if he is anything like Bsuman….ugh!! The only experience i had with his posts was terrible, much like Cubakingone.

Maybe they are great people in person, but their attitude on this board left ALOT to be desired…..

So how about Netflix launching in Cuba….
It is much less interesting than the arrival of Don Thomas.
Perhaps so, but there is a seperate thread for that already on here…and as I have stated before on here, if we want people to use this site for actually getting info and learning about Cuba, when they click on the topic they are interested in, thats what the topic should be about.Not a welcoming party for someone that only the few "orginals" on here know and adds no value to the thread.That will make people feel excluded and use other sites for their information…which previously almost lead to the demise of this site.

Not being rude, but sometimes the truth needs to be said and truth often hurts.

So how about Netflix launching in Cuba??!….lol

I think my thread got hijacked by the "New member Don Tomas" thread…or wait, is that a seperate thread/topic on here…I am confused

I am surprised to hear this.I haven’t been in Cuba since April/2014 so perhaps things have changed, but I can’t imagine based on my experiences with internet connections at the resorts watching a movie or a tv show on netflix down there.

Am I missing something, or have things drastically changed there since my last visit?!

Yup…so much for a low CAD being good for our economy. It certianly doesn’t help the little guy or the everyday person like myself.Almost EVEYTHING is imported into Canada that we buy, so we are gonna pay more. And travel is gonna cost more as alot of things are based on or use the USD for pricing when travelling.

I am still holding out some hope for some last min deals come end of season but..

cant prepare or plan for everything that could or might happen to you in life…otherwise you might as well live in a bubble…

Enjoy life to the fullest and don’t stress about it… with the BS if/when it happens to you…

I have been watching for even late April, early May as I have gotten some amazing deals during that time. Some of those rates are higher than the March break rates??!I am sure they will come down a little once it gets closer, but not a good sign.

Oil prices going back up and the CAD continuining to fall will equal higher travel costs for us outside of Canada for the foreseeable future

As Oprah says, always travel in sneakers or shoes so you can step over the shards of metal and burning gas to survive a crash.

I’m not sure Oprah would be fun to travel with, LOL.

Yeah, I’ll pass…lol

I travel back home, like I travel down…..with just the clothes I am wearing. While I wouldnt wear just shorts and flip flops in Jan home, I dress lightly as I find it warm waiting for flights and dont want the hassle of wearing gloves, hat, boot etc in Cuba or on the plane home.

At least it was on the way back…much easier to deal with…a pain yes, but not vacation ruining!!

It hasnt affected me yet. I was hoping that the drop in the CAD would be partly offset by the fact that oil has dropped about 50%, thereby lowering travel prices(as airlines cry poor me when oil is high and say that it is almos thalf their operating costs is gas).But of course we have seen NO drop in airfares… if this trend is to continue, I can see the frequecny of my trips dropping.

I may resort to staying longer when I travel, but taking less trips overall to reduce the amount I pay for the air travel, as that is the biggest cost to me when travelling.

I wasn’t saying anything along the lines that were negative towards Americans at all. I love to go south and cruise and party with them..often more friendly than Canadians I run into abroad.However..the demand of course is going to increase, and the current level of comfort and amendites is going to change as they are not on par with places like Jamaica, Punta Cana, Mexico etc…So there will be change…both in price, as well as overall feel and style I am sure in the very near future.

But I have no issues with Americans going there…as any of you who have read previous posts by me, i tend to defend most things

Enjoy Cuba this year while it stil is the "Cuba" we know and have known for the past "X" amount of years.WHile it may take a few years for all the new hotels to spring up and more new resorts and McDonalds and walmart to get there, you are defn going to see and feel the difference by next winter with the prices I am guessing as well as the mix of tourists at the resorts!

Glad I have got to enjoy it the past few years before it changes!

Norm is usually 30 or 60 days at a time which is enough for the most of us.

In cases that you need/want more, it can be available for extra cost…this has always been the case as long as I have been travelling anyways.

Old farts, through experience, have found out that bad things do happen, and try not to have it repeat; some young farts don’t care, so be it. I do care and it HAS happened to me as I have already stated in this thread…..I still dont let it affect my travel plans or how I pack….for the 99% of the time its all ok, i’ll deal with the 1% it could happen.If we applied this mentality to everything in life, people would do nothing, go nowhere nor experience anything.

Expecting the worse to happen to you in life is a terrible way to life live imho…..but to each their own.

I was so very very sad to see this over on the other board.Can’t beleive it. We knew it was supposed to happen once the new hotel was built, but this was supposed to stay open till then.Alot of history, amazing beach, great location…..was hoping to get back there this year for a deal.Glad I got there last year and can say I stayed there at least once before it was closed.

I wonder about the disco there, as that was packed all the time, both with tourist’s during the Sunday/Thurs nites that it was known for, as well as the other evenings with lots of locals attending.

I wasnt referring to putting stuff in the car…I was using the argument that was being made here, that beccause something COULD happen, your silly/stupid to do it and you should EXPECT it to happen.

Oh I know it could happen to me, but don’t insinuate I am silly or stupid or naive or wasn’t born with common sense becuase I choose to travel the way i do.You could die from driving a car, and thousands do each year, does that make you silly or stupid for driving or taking that chance??!You probably have a better chance of dying in a car accident, then losing your luggage when travelling.So I am not "window" dressing it or whatever you are trying to say.Oh and BTW, I have missed connections and had luggage show up later, so it has happened to me. I am not speaking out ignorance."checked luggage is fair game to be missing or rifled through…." a sad statement and should not be the mentality that people have when travelling.
"Noone should have to worry or plan to pack based on the fact that checked luggage is fair game to be missing or rifled through…."

I think that’s exactly how you should pack and I always pack that way. If it’s something I would not want to lose and can’t come in my carry-on it stays home.

Really?..thats a pretty sad statement…Travel and expect your stuff to be missing, stolen and rifled through is what your saying.I choose NOT to travel like that..I bring what I want and expect it to show up. Otherwise why travel. I guess thats why I see everyone stuff their carry-ons and fighting to jam them in the overhead bins, taking up other peoples time and getting in the way of those of those who choose to pack our stuff in our checked in. Getting to the check in counter and having to pay extra for carry on over the limit or moving stuff around to make it comply….what a nice relaxing way to travel… if you don’t care if your stuff doesnt show up or goes missing, why bother to even do checked in then if thats your arguement.If something is stolen or missing, i’ll replace it…

Sorry, but i do not expect people to lose or steal my stuff in life….in any area of it.

Sounds like a flight from hell, and you’re right that basically all the airlines are the same when faced with something like this. All you can do is hope that it NEVER happens to you.As for expensive stuff in checked luggage, some people, myself included only travel with checked luggage. Plus I dont know what Air Transat carry on limits are, but if its like Sunwing, I am guessing you can’t bring much on anyways…..

Do any of us put stuff in our checked luggage thinking it will be ok if its missing cause we put all our "valuables" in our carry-ons?! Noone should have to worry or plan to pack based on the fact that checked luggage is fair game to be missing or rifled through….

I booked early for this summer….I booked in Sept/2014….but that was for a wedding…got a great deal though..lolBut I want some cheap deals now when its cold!!

Air Transat is great everytime I used them…at least their big planes were nice….sometimes they charter other ones I think..

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