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I stayed there last spring. Nice looking resort, great stretch of beach. Very popular place with many return guests. Fun atmosphere in the evenings in the lobby area. Golf course nearby. Rooms were above average, at least those not in the disco building. Pretty good service resort wide, but slow service in buffet which didn’t really matter cuz the food was so bad. Lived off sandwiches and the burgers by the beach (which are actually not bad). Ala cartes not bad. Worst food experience we have had in Cuba, but it didn’t spoil the trip for us. I wouldn’t go back, but I don’t regret going either. Paid around 1100 incl. tax. for a week, was good value.

I’ve never been asked for anything on a trip to Cuba, but have left the usual stuff… clothes, insulated mugs… you know, the stuff everyone tells you they want. Stopped doing that a number trips ago. Last trip I hit it off with one of the musicians on a resort and had a few laughs during the time we were there. Before I left I asked if I could get his address to send him some "guitar strings, picks"… you know, the stuff everyone tells you to get them. He replied with "that would be great (with a forced smile), but I could really use a backpack."

We’ve never been to the same place twice and have no real favorite. A short list of those I would return to though might include Playa Pesquero and Breezes Jibacoa. If the price was right, I’d go back to Melia Las Dunas or Brisas Guardalavaca. I would not return to Breezes Varadero, the Blau Colonial, nor whatever the Oasis Playa Coco is called now.

We used to be strictly cash tippers. Last 3 or 4 years, my wife has been leaving gifts for the maid instead. Judging solely by the notes left for us (her) by the maids, the gifts have been more appreciated than the cash. We have never received a note saying thanks for the pesos. I play no part in the selection of the gifts, so I can add very little as to what she has been leaving, but I do recall seeing earrings, grooming type stuff, and the occasional bag of fancy candies.

Transat seating in economy has sufficient legroom, at least in the A310. I’m over 6 feet and had no issue. Where I saw Club Class as being advantageous was in seat width and washroom privileges. It’s packed pretty tight in economy and was a constant line up for the few washrooms available back there. I’d definitely consider club class next time for just those reasons.
Just got back from Varadero, our first time in that area. Great beach for walking as evidenced by the constant stream of folks who were walking it. Reminded me of Bavaro beach in Punta Cana. We have taken walks along the beaches in Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Coco. We enjoy them, but unfortunately the barefoot walking takes a toll on the little balancing muscles in our feet, so we can usually only put in one long walk a trip. We’ll usually go three to five resorts, distance-wise, before turning back.
Just funnin’ a little. Long winter has me shack wacky and itching to break free.

Discussions on trip pricing have been going on for years. We’ve been to DR, Jamaica and Cuba, and our most expensive trip was 10 years ago… to Cuba, but we still went, as did many others. The CDN dollar was extremely weak back then against the US dollar, and should the Canadian dollar continue to weaken now, as it is predicted to, one should expect the prices to rise accordingly to ALL southern destinations. Supply and demand will affect prices too, but I don’t know anything about those variables in the southern economies, so wouldn’t be able to speak intelligently or credibly about them. Resort owners are likely in the best position to assess price elasticity of demand and it is unlikely they intentionally release that information to the purchasing public. The Easter bunny, however, may have some insight into elasticity, but he is well known for spreading unreliable economic data, and while he’s proven himself an expert on eggs, he has yet to establish himself as a credible source for Cuba pricing. Sorry just checking to see if you were actually reading this post. Here are a few blah blah’s to extend my post and further test your reading patience, then close with a simple, but wind-baggy comment, or two. Oh, wait, what was the topic? Oh yeah, Cuba prices. I must apologize for my lack of brevity but we are heading out to Cuba on Friday and I’m really excited, and apparently light headed. I may be digressing here, so, as a final note on Cuba pricing. I say that should we on the east side of Canada have more winters like this past one (current one?), a potential price rise to southern destinations will not matter! Besides, if worst case is that pricing returns to "10 year ago" levels, oh well, we’ve had a good run, huh? Oh, and of the southern destinations we have been to, we return to Cuba, price has not been the determinant for us. I can speak briefly on that topic if requested… well, maybe not briefly, but in some form of incoherent babble expected of someone heading south very, very soon, and who is trying to get into a fun mindset.

This site, and the many great members of the time, were my main resource for all things Cuba. Site kind of fizzled for a while, looks like it’s making a come back though.

Just returned from here. Not sure what the differences between the Lady Hamilton rooms and the Jamaica rooms are, but we did stay in the Jamaica side. We were in building 11, top floor with a view of the pool, main lobby, infinity bar and sea. The resort is huge and 11 is as close to the centre as you are going to get on the Jamaica side. There will at times be an odor of sorts in the hallways and stairwells, but the rooms are fine. There is some snorkeling right off the beach in "Sunset Cove".

Venturing off to Jamaica and the Palladium for a change. Looked at aerial maps, scanned through, gathered all kinds of info.

For anyone who has been there, where are the beach bars?? I see very little reference made to them (any?) and now I’m afraid… very afraid… of spending my beach time walking back and forth to some far off bar for a cold beer.

I really don’t want to have to take my 52 ounce bubba with me, but if it saves a trip or two… someone, ease my worry and tell me they exist?

Within spittin’ distance, Jayneb. I stayed at the Oasis a few years back, I don’t recall any security at the beach during the day, but at night there was one guy roving the area.

Don’t see where anyone mentioned this, but the bats on that cave are not the little mousy sized ones we see here on the east coast… these are some big bats, wingspans, oh, 8 to 12 inches on some of them. Cool spot to visit during the day.

Sorry for anyone caught up in this mess, hopefully it will work out for you. I’ve only flown Skyservice twice but I will admit that I quite enjoyed it. Lots of legroom in the last dozen or so rows of those old 757’s.

Heading to Cuba tonight… just checked out the long range forecast… scattered beer showers with a strong chance of rumdershowers… sounds perfect.
Around dusk and early morning in Cayo Coco I have seen little "clouds" of low flying, barely visible flying insect of some sort, midges maybe but smaller. (I must remember to snap a picture next time I see them.) They tend to be at a height below the knee. Most people walk right through them without seeing them and most are not bitten… some get eaten.

I’m not a huge fan of cuban rum… well that’s not entirely true… there have been the occasional drinks that I have had that I really enjoyed while in cuba… the problem is I can’t ever remember what the brand was?

Perhaps they’re going to start nailing tourists with more duty at some point… in any case, the wording struck me as odd. I think you might be correct. A couple we heard who just returned from Varadero spoke of Aduana jumping all over "gifts", and of one passenger having to take a cab to the resort after being held up with a bag of the usual trinkets for staff. This is second hand info, taken with the usual skepticism, and was nothing I had seen nor heard before. I’ll investigate it first hand in a few weeks. ;D
I’ve flown Canjet out of Halifax twice. I wouldn’t go out of my way to fly with them, that’s for sure. I found them unreliable. Flight is fine, in air service is fine, legroom etc fine, but the stupid self inflicted delays (such as taking on too much fuel to take off, then having to sit on the tarmac for an hour while it burned off), and "unscheduled" refuelling stops in the Bahama’s were a bit hard on the head. I don’t really mind weather related delays or mechanical delays, but delays because pilots can’t do math… geez. Haven’t flown Sunwing, first trip with them is coming up in a few weeks.

Just for clarity, Dax, what I said was "Machines break down, Hotels are overwhelmed (or more likely surprised) by unexpected guests, people in charge screw up" and I wasn’t making excuses for anyone, nor was I making light of anything. I simply see it, as I see most similar travel problems, as a chance to learn and prepare.

Wow! That was a mess. Thanks for the link, scovanotian. It’s a good read. One poster was very informative, matter of fact and believable. A few base complaints on heresay.I can see it having been a real pain in the behind, but I also see $200 offered by Canjet to cover costs over a couple of days as being reasonable. Class action suit? Nah.Machines break down, Hotels are overwhelmed (or more likely surprised) by unexpected guests, people in charge screw up… it happens.

We all can learn from this and prepare for the next 2 day stranding… the next one could be our plane.

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