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Looking forward to checking out your pictures and review this evening. Assuming there are going to be lots of pictures to look at.


Thanks, means a lot…. ;DP.S. keep checking the site (review and Photos) as I amend it as Anna and I remember new anecdotes.

Added a few more pics this aft., Sunday brunch display and more, as well as description of some of the pics..

"AL Natural" resort, Bastimento Island, Bocas del Toro, Panama.Thinking of one whole week there next year and 1 week elsewhere…
Marc, you’ve really outdone yourself this time, amigo! Darryl and I both thoroughly enjoyed these awesome pics and are seriously considering tagging along with you on a future trip (still have to make-up for our missed Punta Cana rendezvous!)…that is, if Anna can put up with us again ;D

Anyway, GREAT job and thanks so much for sharing this with us

Thanks for sharing your great pictures.Panama is our favourite destination and we never get tired of pictures .

They only make us miss being there.

Sorry for the confusion…some posters and friends were sending me PM’s and emails, because they could only find last years pics. I’ve changed the settings a bit. Think you’ll find it much easier to get around…

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