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I want to thank the staff for helping me have a great holiday at your resort, it was time well spent and one of my best holidays so far and I will be back to see you guys soon enough. They have a fantastic staff who will go above and beyond of the guests to feel comfortable and they were part of the reason my holiday was a blast. The entertainment staff did their best to make sure everyone was having fun but it is an average just like every other hotel I have been to in DR but kudos to them as the succeeded in helping me have a great time. The day time activities here will cheer you up, I used the opportunity to meet new people who were nice and it was all fun. The rooms here are pleasant and clean and the grounds of both the hotel and rooms seemed spotless, I guess the housekeeping are pretty hardworking as they cleaned it out every day. The food is okay and repetitive but I didn’t mind that at all so long as every other thing was great. Beverages are available especially close to the beach and the staff made sure you had one whenever you asked for it. The pool is where I go to take a refreshing swim after the day’s activities under the scorching sun. You can join in on one of their excursions, it is fun. I had a wonderful time with you guys here and I will be back, cheers!

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